Mail Call

April 22, 2010

"Let me see if I got this straight. We use less water so that we can conserve water and save money, and Washington County wants to charge more for water and sewer, because we're using less. That should be illegal, and I sure as heck hope that the electric companies and the gas companies don't find out about it or they'll be nailing us, too."

- Funkstown

"I pay more to watch TV than I pay for car insurance a month: TV, $50; car insurance, $32. What's more important?"

- Clear Spring

"Where was the tea party during the Bush eight years? I think it was called the Jack Daniels Rehab until 2009, then called Tea Party, moneymaking and spending spree. Forget this group, and vote your mind and conscience - a registered Republican."

- Quincy, Pa.

"I'm calling about the volcanoes. People talk about this saving the earth from warming. There's more stuff comes out of a volcano, gases and stuff, in one day than probably 20 years of what the people produce on the - as Americans or foreigners. I think it's a joke ... because that volcanoes keep going off and putting it in the air."


- Hagerstown

"I noticed in the paper a few days ago that somebody had called in asking about if there was a place to get a low-cost or even mid-cost lie detector test in town, without going on one of those freaky game shows, talk shows. I didn't know if somebody answered it and I missed it, or if nobody answered it. I was just wondering if there is anybody out there that knows a way to get one of these tests, because it would make my life so much easier. I'd really appreciate it."

- Williamsport

"I'd like to compliment Brianna Dorsey on the wonderful article she had in Teen's View on Tuesday's paper as a Pulse correspondent. I think she had a wonderful subject and did a great job. It's nice to see teens like that today."

- Sharpsburg

"There is a couch, tires, and trash all over Nestle Quarry Road in Falling Waters, W.Va. Can someone please tell me who do I call to get the couch, the tires and the trash up? It's ridiculous the way this road looks. I'm a taxpayer, and I deserve a clean road."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"The first week of April, I usually get wrens nesting in my yard. It's been going on for like 30 years, and I haven't gotten any yet this year, and I was wondering if anyone else had that problem or if they knew what was going on."

- Hagerstown

"Well, I received my letter from the Census Bureau that the census was on its way. I received a census, and I received a follow-up letter to mail in my census. Now today I get a letter from the post office, a census. Guess where that went? File 13."

- North Hagerstown

"This is a reply. Hey, Warfordsburg, Pa., thank you for proving my point. You began your comment by saying that Republicans learned about being obstructionists from Democrats, and then go on to describe how George W. Bush could not have succeeded with his legislative agenda without the cooperation of Democrats. This is exactly the kind of Limbaugh-esque argument that I have come to expect from the contemporary right."

- Boonsboro

"This is to Tim Smith and his Hancock in Motion group. They sure do have Hancock on the move."

- Hancock

"To the girl who, having turned in the southernmost turn off North Potomac Street onto Eastern Boulevard, tried to pass all traffic in the right-hand lane: Please be advised it is now known that you were not aware that this is a turn lane only, because you probably got your driver's license from mail order."

- Hagerstown

"I'm calling in reference to the Food Lion and strip mall that's coming to Falling Waters, right there on Route 11 and Exit 23 of I-81. I have no problem with it coming here, but I'm a resident of Falling Waters, I travel Route 11 every day, and I watch cars flying off of that exit at 81, both sides. They run those stop signs, three out of four cars coming off of 81. I think the police need to get some vehicles out here and start giving out tickets and make people stop at those stop signs, because if they don't there's gonna be a lot of accidents when that Food Lion and that strip mall opens."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I just want to know what's going on with my Republican Party, the party of no. Stuff about no, we're getting old, it's childish. It's not what I signed up for. I shouldn't be saying that, but I am."

- Hagerstown

"I would just like to say I agree with young Devon Jacobs wholeheartedly. I am 63 years old, and I think 'Catcher in the Rye' is a terrible book also, and I remember as a young person thinking 'This is a terrible and stupid book. I don't get it.'"

- Hagerstown

"Now Congress is debating another highly controversial bill, financial reform ... this idea appears to be a $50 billion fund to handle troubled financial institutions. I have one question. In what form will this fund be maintained? My guess, like other dedicated funds, it will be in the form of a U.S. government IOU."

- Smithsburg

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