Waynesboro pedestrian regulation on to the next step

April 22, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, PA. -- New regulations placing responsibility on pedestrians in the Borough of Waynesboro took a significant step toward being enacted on Wednesday.

The Waynesboro Borough Council agreed to advertise a new crosswalk ordinance that would prohibit pedestrians from crossing the street without using a crosswalk or intersection with traffic signals in the Town Center District. That zoning district includes the core of downtown from North Street to Second Street.

The council will consider the ordinance for adoption at its next meeting on May 5.

Council members questioned how the ordinance would affect the rest of the borough. Borough Engineer Kevin Grubbs said he plans to address that further with the council at its next meeting.

"We want pedestrians to use the crosswalks that are available," Grubbs said. "If they choose not to use a crosswalk, that's their decision. If a police officer wants to cite that person, he can."


Councilman Ronnie Martin said the ordinance will better protect the borough from liability if someone gets hit by a vehicle.

"I really think our officers have more important things to do," Councilman Jason Stains said of the citations.

Councilman Wayne Driscoll said the council can communicate its priorities to the police officers.

"I like it the way it is," he said of the ordinance. "There are a million laws on the books you don't necessarily enforce every day."

Councilman C. Harold Mumma asked if he could be ticketed if he exited his car and walked across the street at a point other than an intersection or crosswalk.

"I think we have a teeny bit of overkill," he said.

Despite the concerns, the council voted unanimously to advertise the ordinance for adoption.

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