Letters to the Editor

April 22, 2010

Left-wing extremist attacks must be reported

To the editor:

Bill Clinton, Kathleen Parker and others are voicing their concern that the language of conservative activists might lead to another incident like the Oklahoma City bombing. Meanwhile, the violent actions of left-wing activists go unreported.

On April 9, a member of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's staff and her boyfriend were severely beaten following the Republican leadership meeting in New Orleans. They both ended up in the hospital - she with a broken leg, he with a concussion and a broken nose and jaw.

The political motivation of the attack is being questioned, and this might be the reason the mainstream media do not feel a need to report it. However, I believe there is a great deal more evidence in this case than in the alleged and unproven racial slurs against Congressional Black Caucus members by tea party supporters, which was a lead story in the media for days. Similarly, when SEIU members attacked a black man in a wheelchair at a tea party rally last summer, that, too, went largely unreported.


I will accept the sincerity of Clinton, Parker and the rest when they show as much concern about actual physical attacks by left-wing extremists as they do about words spoken by those on the right.

Judy K. Warner

Congressional term limits are needed

To the editor:

We need congressional term limits. Everyone who I talk to says we will never have limits because Congress will never approve a term limit bill.

However, the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 2) states simply, "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States." There is no mention of how many terms an individual may serve, but the constitution of West Virginia (Article 4, Section 8) clearly states, "The Legislature, in cases not provided for in this constitution, shall prescribe, by general laws, the terms of office, powers, duties and compensation of all public officers and agents, and the manner in which they shall be elected, appointed and removed."

Since we, the people, elect our representatives to Congress, they are thus "public officers and agents" for the people of West Virginia, and the number of terms they may serve can and should be set by the state Legislature.

Please call or write your state senator and delegates and urge them to introduce legislation to limit the terms of our U.S. senators and representatives. Maryland and Pennsylvania citizens should contact their representatives as well.

Richard Byrne
Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Hamrick's words were truly inspirational

To the editor:

I found Robert Hamrick's answer to "Who are real Americans?" ("Writer says who he thinks real Americans are," Thursday, April 15, page A4) to be truly eloquent. His message is totally fault proof.

I have clipped this letter, will read it each day and share it, as I find his words to be truly inspirational.

Congratulations, Mr. Hamrick. I am sure you have touched many hearts and made many lives more satisfying.

Ellen Mullenix
McConnellsburg Pa.

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