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Mail Call

April 20, 2010

"People are asking how to get rid of stink bugs. We have been using 16-ounce plastic bottles with water and liquid dishwashing detergent. When we see a bug, we put the bottle beneath it and catch the bug in the bottle and cap it. Last summer we noticed that we were seeing dead bugs in the kitchen, on the floor and on windowsills. We realized that we had an electric bug and rodent killer in the kitchen. We ordered two more and put one in the middle bath and one in the end bath. Our house is 60 feet long, and that divided them evenly. They work, but you do have to vacuum every day. Hope this helps." - Kearneysville, W.Va.

"I'm sitting here looking out my door at one of the ball fields at Fairground Park, and it is pouring rain. Can someone please tell me why all the sprinklers are running full force with all this rain? If the city has enough money to water the ball fields during the rain, then they have no business asking me for more money." - Hagerstown


"To all you supporters for President Obama policies: Why did the president mock me and my fellow Tea Partiers? Why isn't he the president of all the people? Why is the president mocking a significant number of us fellow Americans by saying he is 'amused' by us? We are not amused by his spending and additions to the debt of this country. We can only but try to get him to listen and take us seriously." - Hagerstown

"Your AP article on page A5 (Thursday, April 15) regarding taxes should be required reading for all tea (taxed enough already) party members, as well as those attacking the present administration. In the past year we have had more federal tax cuts than any time in history. We are paying less federal taxes than last year. The insurance companies can no longer take advantage of the insured (and nobody is going to jail for not having insurance, contrary to Fox reporting, and no death panels). Congress is now working on a bill to rein in the banks so there will be no more bailouts ever. Exactly what do these people want?" - Smithsburg

"For the global warming fans, how much CO2 do you think the Iceland volcano is spewing all over the world? It is more than man, and there are lots of volcanoes all over the world erupting at this time. Can we control their emissions? No." - Hagerstown

"The rumor that the census is important so that our nonrepresentative government can represent us is false. Our overseers want to count their property. We are already tax serfs and well on our way to tax slavery. Better wise up before it's too late." - Dargan

"I see where you leftists have an entire Web site and movement devoted to training and encouraging people to infiltrate the tea party protests, and try to discredit them by vicious, hateful, racist statements and actions. I'm not surprised. I hope you realize that when you resort to such vile tactics, it once again proves you can't win the debate with facts and logic - just like the leftist callers who apparently think they've won an argument simply by name-calling and insulting their opponents." - Frederick, Md.

"This incident happened on April 14. I was driving on Mapleville Road in Boonsboro, going toward Route 40. I was going approximately 40 mph, and as I came into Mapleville I started slowing down. When I was going about 32 mph, this silver-colored (vehicle) passed, and on a double yellow line. Double yellow line, speeding - and I got to the Route 40, here was the car, a Chevy." - Hagerstown

"What is the deal with 'For Rent' ads that say 'Pets OK'? I've been looking for a place for my dog and I for two weeks, and everyone says - and I quote - 'You said you had a small dog.' My dog is a cocker poodle mix, weighs all of about 15 pounds, and stands only about 11 or 12 inches tall. I may not be the best educated person in the world, but I say he's small. And heaven forbid someone should say 'I have a Lab mix dog.'" - Sandy Hook

"With the Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring, one can already see where the Republicans are going. They are still obstructionists. Republican Orrin Hatch is already saying no to whomever President Obama nominates. If I were president, I would nominate Harriet Miers." - Halfway

"I feel both parties should share some of the blame, the pedestrians along with the motorists ... in the borough of Waynesboro. Concerning Waynesboro wanting to pass an ordinance to cite pedestrians for not crossing in the crosswalks in Waynesboro, I feel the motorists should share some of the blame also. Why aren't the motorists that drive in the borough of Waynesboro stopping at these crosswalks for the pedestrians? No, they're too impatient. I feel the motorists should be charged, too." - Greencastle, Pa.

"The Tea Party movement doesn't want to be a third party? What the heck. What's the point? Or is it just another Republican smokescreen?" - Hagerstown

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