Heritage students do well in writing festival

April 19, 2010
  • From left, Caroline Clark, Michael Donmoyer and Kathleen Kidd.
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Heritage Academy students in fourth through 12th grades participated in the Association of Christian Schools International District Creative Writing Festival in February.

Participants competed against students at other Christian schools across Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area.

Awards recently were announced and presented to 38 students at the school west of Hagerstown.

The writing entries were rated as good, excellent and superior. Superior winners will advance to the ACSI Regional Festival. Three students earned this distinction: Michael Donmoyer, 10th grade; Kathleen Kidd, 10th grade; and Caroline Clark, 11th grade. Here are the results from the festival:

Fourth grade - Faith Horst, "My Horses," short story, excellent; Matthew Collins, "The Ice Cave Underwater," short story, excellent; Boomer Baltimore, "Nature Senses," rhymed poetry, excellent; Josie Hartman, "My Baby Brother, Rodney," rhymed poetry, excellent; Bryce Corbett, "Bears," free verse, good; Nicholas Farrow, "Nature," free verse, good.

Fifth grade - Will Faith, "Christmas," free verse, excellent; Chloe Prejean, "Summer," free verse, excellent; Madeline Runkles, "Christmas," free verse, excellent; Anita Williams, "The Woods," free verse, excellent.


Eighth grade - Stephanie Eberly, "Enapay's Discovery," short story, excellent; Katrina Williams, "Hope Reborn," rhymed poetry, excellent.

Ninth grade - Chrissy Creswell, "Trees," rhymed poetry, excellent; Zach Muller, "A Man from Paris," rhymed poetry, excellent; Tristan Prejean, "The Phantom," rhymed poetry, excellent; Jonathon Kriner, "Seasons," free verse, excellent; Bryce Nigh, "Prince and the Pauper," free verse, excellent; Tristan Prejean, "Fire and Ice," free verse, excellent; Brooke Shives, "Ants," free verse, good.

10th grade - Bryce Boyd, "Time," free verse, excellent; Callie Butts, "Saying Hello," free verse, excellent; Jacob Kelley, "Why Bother," free verse, excellent; Kathleen Kidd, "A Time to Rise," free verse, excellent; Mark Taggart, "A Waking Dream," rhymed poetry, excellent; Michael Donmoyer, "Gangsters of the '20s and '30s," essay, superior; Kathleen Kidd, "How Cinderella Changed My Life," essay, superior; Abigail Jackson, "Autism Awareness," essay, excellent; Stephanie O'Brien, "History of Fashion," essay, excellent.

11th grade - John Murphy, "In Memory," rhymed poetry, excellent; Sydalg Wilson, "Hold on and Grow," rhymed poetry, excellent; Laura Calhoun, "Forgiveness and Healing," free verse, excellent; Caroline Clark, "From My Eyes to Heaven," free verse, superior; Duncan Smyly, "War," free verse, excellent; Kenny Sterner, "Snowboarding," free verse, excellent.

12th grade - Travis Barthalow, "The Ink of Life," free verse, good; Aubrey Boyd, "Life," free verse, good; Andrew Harrell, "Time is Like a Stream," free verse, good; Jeffrey Dudeck, "The Black Rose," rhymed poetry, excellent; Brianna Dorsey, "Graduation," rhymed poetry, excellent; Josh Long, "The Avalanche," rhymed poetry, excellent; Aubrey Boyd, "Life in Death," rhymed poetry, excellent.

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