Mail Call

April 19, 2010

"I know you won't print this, but I now know what a liberal newspaper looks like."

- Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

"The do-nothing individual that lots of you people voted for and put in the White House is now going to unravel our space program, which we've had in place for years. By the time he's done his only four years in office, this country will be reduced to half of what it used to be. I just can't understand any of this, with anybody voting for him."

- Sharpsburg

"To the Frederick caller: I am one of the global- warming callers you mocked - but you made my point for me. All I was saying was the deniers' claim that one week's worth of cold weather is enough to disprove global warming, and by that logic, one week's worth of hot weather would prove it. So they should think logically. ... And I never intended to convince you global warming is occurring because as I also said, some people only see what they want to see."


- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Sorry, man-caused global-warming unbeliever, one can claim (logically and scientifically) that more violent and cold winter storms, and the more violent and hot spring weather are both support for the 'theory' that global warming is occurring (but not necessarily that it's man-caused). Storms are basically generated by warm air rising and most of our significant U.S. weather starts over the 'warmer' Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico. Warmer sea surface temperatures lead to larger and more violent storms - in the winter, colder, snowier and windier ... and this spring, larger masses of warm air over warmer Gulf waters are setting unprecedented numbers of record temperatures for spring heat waves."

- Brownsville

"I have seen at least three full-page ads to send your census forms back. Most of the residents of Lakeside Mobile Home Park have not gotten a census to send back. Yes, I did call Mr. Munson, but they just wanted my phone number - have heard nothing back from them. There are a lot of people and families being missed. How many statewide are being missed?"

- Lakeside

"I'm calling in response to the caller who claims there is no oil tank or gas reservoir at the station in Trego. I owned the train station around '70, 1970, for about three years. We lived in Trego 30 years and moved in 1994, '95, and they were still there. We sold gas then."

- Hagerstown

"Wednesday Mail Call, the 14th, the town of Funkstown, Haynes said they are looking for a new pickup truck. They had better look for a good used pickup truck, rather than spend taxpayers' money for a new pickup."

- Funkstown

"Just reading the Thursday, April 15, edition of The Herald-Mail, the lady from Maugansville that has yet to receive her census form. The census forms are available at the main library in downtown Hagerstown, as you walk in the front door. A lady there asks if you received your census. If not, get it, mail it in, pick up some for your neighbors and you'll all be counted."

- North Hagerstown

"I understand that if Bob Ehrlich becomes governor again of the state of Maryland, he would like to repeal the additional 1-penny tax that was enacted a couple years ago to bring the sales tax back down to 5 percent. That's all well and good; however, report also said that if he did that, we would lose $600 million from the state budget every year. Where will that money come from? Will it come from the roads department? Will it come from the prison system? All he wants to do is cut taxes, yet there's no proposal as to how to make up the extra money that will be lost. I think this particular idea is a bad one."

- Keedysville

"Former governor and again candidate Robert Ehrlich criticized the General Assembly and Democrats and Gov. Martin O'Malley for not doing more to scale back the spending in the state, and that they simply put off tough decisions on future budget deficits until after the November election, when it'd be more compatible to raise taxes. Sounds to me he's already making excuses to raise taxes if he would become governor again, God forbid. Maybe he would double our car registration again."

- Hagerstown

"I was reading this article about this person said that there's no gas tanks in that little store up there at Trego. I know for sure - I live down around Brownsville and I'm more than 85 years old - and there's a little store there in Yarrowsburg that had gas tanks in there ... and I bet there's a lot of little stores up around Dargan and Locust Grove that still have gas tanks in the ground in the stores."

- Brownsville

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