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Washington County Girls Softball League swings into action

  • Polka-dot and patterned socks of many shades color the field as team members wait for opening ceremonies Saturday on the first day of the Washington County Girls Softball League at Kemps Mill Softball Complex in Williamsport.
By Kelly Hahn Johnson/Staff Photographer,

WASHINGTON COUNTY --"This is my year," Krista Triggs said from the dugout. "I'm gonna win."

Just as she finished saying the words, Steve Danfelt, president of the Washington County Girls Softball League, called out, "Krista Triggs!"

With that, she won the $500 raffle.

Triggs, 38, of Clear Spring, is hoping some of that positive thinking will carry through to the Ernst Market team this year.

Triggs' daughter, Brooklyn Drury, 13, plays for Ernst Market and her husband, Monte Triggs, helps coach the team.

"They won their whole tournament last year," Krista Triggs said. "Hopefully, they can win again this year."

Regardless of the team's record at season's end, Triggs said playing softball in the league at Kemps Mill Softball Complex near Williamsport is a positive and inspiring experience for her daughter.

"This is just a great organization," she said. "Brooklyn loves it. She says it's her dream to play for Team USA."


Julie Easterday, 39, of Clear Spring, also commended the organization. Easterday's daughter, Lakelyn, 13, is playing in the league for her third year.

"I like that (the league) makes it fun," Julie Easterday said. "They teach sportsmanship and it's a good character-building program for the girls."

Lakelyn said the league is a good balance of competition and fun.

"I like that I get to play with all my friends," she said. "And I hope to become a better ballplayer."

Danfelt said it's the positive, character-building spirit that initially drew him to the league 18 years ago. He stepped in one night when his daughter's coach couldn't make it.

"I just enjoyed the girls and the people. I've made more friends out here on this field than you can imagine meeting anywhere," Danfelt said. "And the way I see it, every girl out here playing ball is one less girl at the mall and one less girl out on the street."

Danfelt said about 500 elementary- to high school-age girls play on 27 teams in the league. Twelve games were scheduled for Saturday's season-opening day.

Washington County Commissioner Terry L. Baker threw the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the season.

"This is one of the areas where I got my start in life, on the Little League baseball field," Baker said. "Now, I love being around the kids, and I have a lot of respect for the adults working out here. This is a pretty spectacular day for these kids."

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