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Evolution - A bowl of soup or the last supper?

April 17, 2010|By LLOYD "PETE" WATERS

Once upon a time, about 13 billion years ago, there was total darkness and nothing existed.

Then, for some strange reason, a dense piece of volatile matter was formed. I'm not sure why.

Shortly afterwards, there was a "Big Bang" and this matter exploded and was thrown outward.

Even though you and I did not witness the event, this story is based on reliable information.

Oh, speaking of you and me.

While this debris was traveling outwards, something very peculiar happened.

No one knows for sure why, but ...

On this one piece of rock, let's call it earth, something very neat occurred.

Defying all odds, the sun stopped in a critical spot above the earth. A very important moon orbited close to the Earth, and those ingredients of oxygen, hydrogen, and other chemicals necessary for life began to combine on the surface of this new planet.


Exactly why this unique environment was created on this one piece of rock is nothing short of miraculous since we can find no other rocks like it.

The very earliest life form would arrive without an earthly mother or father. This, too, must have been a pretty neat trick.

No one really knows for sure how, why, or when a nonlife moment decided to become a life moment. It just did.

Either way, we haven't missed a step since, and our evolution, to date, has been nothing short of spectacular.

Just like a good pot of soup, once life's ingredients began to simmer for a few billion years, the results can be pretty interesting.

We, ladies and gentleman, and all of nature, represent that good bowl of soup, and evolution has brought us here.

Mr. Darwin, in his thesis of natural selection, has provided for us a glimpse of evolution by studying many of these evolving plants and species. Darwin went home on April 19, 1882.

Think about it.

Evolution really provides for us a clearer explanation as to why some people act like baboons, jackasses, and uncivil like sharks, stink bugs, and parrots that will not stop chattering.

Take a look at our Congress.

It is, indeed, enlightening to me, that you and I, and my Dargan friends, have already evolved to the next level, and no longer display such behaviors.

I have also concluded, based on reliable information, that all of life has resulted "just by chance."

Our specific Model and Prototype, as humans, apparently has no Inventor.. We must give thanks only to our unique evolution.

Now really, what are the odds?

I know you are demanding a more specific explanation to your question, "Why do I exist"? And you deserve an answer.

Unfortunately, I can only suggest to you there is no specific reason for your existence, except to eat cheerios, reproduce, and continue evolving.

If you want any additional information, I suspect you might have to consult a scientist, biologist, or physicist.

But beware: They don't have all the answers either.

They really can't tell you what existed before the matter exploded, or where the matter came from in the first place, exactly how life began on earth before reproduction, or what exists on the other side of nothing.

Some of these very scientists are even trying to create life in test tubes.

Just why these scientists find it necessary to become a creator of life given their opposition to the creation theory in the first place seems a bit odd to me.

Actually, maybe someone billions of years ago was already successful at creating life, but has yet to receive the proper recognition because of all these remaining mysteries. Perhaps it was designed just that way.

Maybe you and I are already the results of a big experiment.

Either way, don't be afraid..

If our luck does happen to run out one day, and our bowl of soup becomes our last supper, I can only pray to God we all make it home safely.


Lloyd "Pete" Waters is a Sharpsburg resident who writes for The Herald-Mail

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