What Do You Think?

April 17, 2010

The question posted Wednesday on The Herald-Mail's Web site was: Should the United States take a tougher stance with Iran as that country moves closer to having nuclear weapons?

Poll results:

Yes: 655 votes (88 percent)

No: 91 votes (12 percent)

o"Many experts believe Iran has passed the breakout point to create the bomb. Israel acutely understands this threat because a regime that illicitly seeks nuclear weapons and openly calls for Israel's destruction is supporting terror proxies that continuously attack Israel's civilians with missiles, rockets and other means."

o"It depends upon what one calls a "tougher stance." We can be belligerent and bellicose and accomplish nothing with them. We can be wishy-washy and accomplish nothing with them. What is the effective middle ground?"


o"Iran has just as much right to nuclear weapons as Israel. U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is Israel-centric, and determined primarily by the Israel lobby in Washington. I see no reason why Israel should have any input for U.S. foreign policy. If Israel has a problem with Iran, then Israel should deal with it, and not involve the U.S. and American soldiers."

o"What we have been doing for the last 10 years hasn't stopped them. The problem is Russia and China are there to lend them a helping hand so sanctions won't work and threats won't work because we won't back them up."

o"I'm not sure we can stop Iran or any other country from developing a nuke. There is already a lot of nuclear material out there. Nuclear bomb technology is more than 50 years old and most average university students (physics students) have enough knowledge to build one if he/she had the resources. U.S. foreign policy is indeed Israel-centric to such an extreme that it is not even in the interest of the U.S."

o"Lots of good information and a lot of partisan talk. But still no one has really laid out a clear plan of what should be done with Iran and the Middle East situation. Seems everyone wants to say Obama is doing something wrong or Bush did something wrong, but no one has any ideas of what should be done with Iran. It seems to be a complicated situation with no clear solutions."

o"You're talking about a country that hates the U.S. based on principle. It does not matter one bit what we do or don't do. It won't change anything. Especially with Russia and China (but especially China) who will deal with whomever's money happens to be flashed in front of them at any given time. Nothing the rest of the world could do would really hurt because there is always someone else ready to deal."

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