Letters to the Editor

April 15, 2010

Hawvermale had an impact on many lives

To the editor:

On behalf of our nurse refresher students and the instructors here at Hagerstown Community College, I send special condolences to the family members of Jim Hawvermale.

His career began in the emergency department of Washington County Hospital many years ago and he reached out to the entire community.

He was an excellent instructor here at the college and received the highest evaluations at the end of each semester. Jim was very intelligent and knowledgeable and very student-friendly. He also contributed his time and expertise to the free clinic and was always willing to help anyone who was in need.


When we got the news of his passing while on vacation in Puerto Rico, students were e-mailing and calling me with sincere sorrow. However, to remind them of the impact that Jim has made in their lives and the wonderful memories they can retain, they were able to settle and look at the positive aspects of Jim's life.

Jim's lovely wife, Pam, is an awesome asset to our program here at HCC also and we send our sincere condolences with thoughts and prayers for her comfort and peace.

Jim and Pam have made a tremendous impact on our students that will potentiate their future and they will never be forgotten.

Linda Altizer
health professions coordinatorHagerstown Community College

Writer says who he thinks real Americans are

To the editor:

In his April 12 letter to the editor, Raymond Young put out a plea for someone to answer his question, "What is a real American?" ("Who are real Americans?," page A4)

I'll tell you what I think a real American is.

A real American cares for his fellow man. A real American will lay down their life for this country. A real American does not gossip, cheat, steal or do anything that berates another human being. This is the land of the free.

A real American does not go around spreading rumors and gossip. A real American only listens to the facts and is not lead by random rants from others. A real American cares for the desolate, weak, hungry and the poor, not put them down. A real American does not despise another (but there is a lot of it going on these days).

A real American respects individuals in high positions because they know they have the right to let their voices be heard at the voting booth. A real American does not show contempt nor malice toward another person. They utilize their brains to be civil and work things out instead of shouting (It's also the adult way to live). A real American listens to the other's point of view before opening their mouth.

There are always going to be people who do not see my nor anyone else's point of view, but, by these rules, I find life a little more satisfying.

Robert Hamrick
Jefferson, Md.

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