Murphy said he was not aware of contributions over $10

April 15, 2010|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD
  • Patrick H. "Pat" Murphy

MARTINSBURG, W.VA. -- State Senate candidate Pat Murphy said this week that he didn't know that two contributors had given him more than the $10 limit he had set for contributions to his campaign.

Murphy, who is running against 16th District incumbent John Unger, D-Berkeley/Jefferson, received a $100 contribution from one person and $25 from another, according to a financial statement filed by his treasurer.

Murphy said he didn't know about the donations until being shown a copy of the statement this week.

Murphy had said in his original campaign announcement that he would not accept any contribution greater than $10.

Two other contributors each gave $20, but Murphy said each person indicated that half of their contribution was given to him on behalf of their spouse. Two other contributors gave $10 each, according to his report.

"I've tried to encourage people to limit (their contributions) to $10," Murphy said.


Murphy collected $185 as of the first financial statement for the 2010 election, which was due April 2.

Unger filed a waiver, reporting no contributions, but has separately reported having $70,029 transferred from his 2006 campaign.

Unger accepted contributions while exploring a possible bid for Congress in 2008, but that money could not be used for his 2010 election campaign, the senator said recently. The money was returned on a percentage basis because he had spent some of the money that he received, Unger said.

Campaign financial statements for candidates vying for all state offices in the 2010 election can be viewed on the Internet at

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