Letters to the Editor

April 14, 2010

Arts school's musical production was a success

To the editor:

Last weekend marked the first all-school performance by the students from the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. Although I had high expectations going in, I believe they really hit one out of the park with their production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie."

I have seen a few cameo-type appearances by the students at other events. However, this large scale all-school production really provided me a new and tangible understanding not only of the benefits of a dedicated school of the arts, but also of the outstanding talent that exists among these students.

As the son of the man who owned and operated the former Henry's Theatre for more than 40 years, I am delighted to see the building being used for such a wonderful mission. More important, however, I am pleased that our county now has an outlet for talented student artists to pursue their dreams and receive a high quality education all at the same time.


I left the performance more confident than ever that this new school is now and will continue to be a feather in our cap.

Congratulations to all of the Barbara Ingram students, staff, parents and volunteers on an outstanding performance and a triumphant first year at the new school for the arts.

James E. Miller

Leaders must work to stop Iran's nuclear threat

To the editor:

As President Obama hosts the International Summit to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism, world leaders must work to stop Iran's nuclear threat.

Many world leaders have said the right things about Iran, but have not yet acted with crippling sanctions. They must enforce existing laws and use strong sanctions to encourage Iranian leaders to stop their nuclear program - or for their citizens to change the regime.

It's time the United States and other nations take more aggressive action to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It's also time the news media catches up with printing newsworthy items they have been missing for years.

John Hicks
Greencastle, Pa.

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