What Do You Think?

April 13, 2010

The question posted Friday on The Herald-Mail's Web site was: Do you think the nuclear arms pact between the U.S. and Russia signed Thursday is a first step toward making the world a safer place?

Poll results:

Yes: 218 votes (25 percent)

No: 657 votes (75 percent)

o "That's great. The U.S. and Russia will not have nukes. That makes me feel safe. Of course, it's been something like 50 years since the last time either of us used a nuke so that it hardly matters. North Korea and others do not care what we say or do. They do not like us and want to destroy us. But that threat is also very remote."

o "What are the details of this pact? I've heard that Obama wants a 'world without nukes,' which sounds wonderful, but those of us who are in touch with reality know that will never happen. There will always be some crazy dictator/country looking for the biggest way possible to create fear and/or destruction, and nukes are at the top of that grocery list."


o "We will always have wars and rumors of war with or without nuclear weapons. We have been cutting down on our nuclear stockpile and incinerating the bombs at high temperatures for years due to the last treaty we signed with Russia. This will not stop Iran, China and other countries from using their weapons. We must remember we are the policemen of the world and when we stop policing, it will be open season."

o "We will still have more than 2,200 nukes. Plenty to deter an attack. Now, we won't need to waste money on excessive redundancy. It also lessens the likelihood of material falling into the wrong hands."

o "We will continue, even after this reduction, to have more nuclear weapons than are necessary for any conceivable strategic purpose. We are far more likely to be nuked by a radical Islamist from al-Qaida than by Russia, North Korea, China or Iran. ... The fewer nukes the Russians have, the fewer of them will fall into the hands of the terrorists. The last I heard, Russian security over their weapons wasn't the greatest."

o "I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I am not sure how this makes anything in the world safer, but I don't see how it threatens our security, either. Seems like typical partisan rhetoric, bickering and posturing from both sides, but in reality, nothing has really changed either for the good or bad."

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