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Berkeley, Jefferson county candidates report campaign contributions

April 13, 2010|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD

MARTINSBURG, W.VA. -- Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Surkamp has reported more contributions in his campaign for re-election than any other county office seeker in Jefferson or Berkeley counties, according to the first in a series of financial statements candidates need to file for the 2010 election.

Surkamp of Shepherdstown, W.Va., reported $8,510 in contributions, including $800 in-kind contributions and $1,010.33 of his own money, according to his financial statement.

The combined contributions of Ruth A. McQuade and Paul G. Taylor, Surkamp's opponents in the Democratic Party's primary on May 11, still fall well below Surkamp's tally, according to their financial statements.

McQuade reported $1,685 in contributions and a $2,000 personal loan and Taylor reported loaning himself $2,876.99 and no contributions.

Republican Walt Pellish is expected to run against the winner of the three-way race for the Shepherdstown magisterial district seat on the Commission. Pellish reported $4,329.62 in contributions, including $429.62 of his own money.


Second to Surkamp in fundraising was Democratic Berkeley County Council candidate Matthew Barney of Inwood, W.Va., who reported $4,240 in contributions, including $3,270 generated from a dinner fundraiser at the Peking restaurant in Martinsburg and a $45 in-kind contribution for the fundraiser.

Barney, who is running in the Valley magisterial district, also reported a $793.60 personal loan for his candidacy filing fee and campaign Web site.

Second to Barney was Valley district Republican candidate, Doug Copenhaver of Hedgesville, W.Va., who reported $3,150 in contributions and a $1,200 personal loan. Republican candidates Dan Dulyea and incumbent Ronald K. Collins of Inwood, and Democrat Kenneth "Ken" Mattson, who are also running in the Valley district, reported contributions of $1,150, $1,500 and $869.60, respectively.

Collins reported a $5,000 personal loan, Dulyea's contributions included $1,000 of his own money and Mattson's contributions included $769.60 of his own money, according to the reports.

In the only other Jefferson County Commission race, Democratic incumbent Commissioner Dale Manuel reported no contributions, but had $1,882.01 transferred from his 2004 campaign. Derek J. Lambert, Manuel's Republican opponent, reported $939.59 in donations, including a $39.59 personal contribution.

The remaining candidates in Berkeley and Jefferson counties reported the following:

Berkeley County Council

Eric C. Carper, Martinsburg, Republican, $1,941.56 in contributions, including $741.46 of his own money.

Philip L. Martin, Martinsburg, Republican, $1,050 in contributions, including $300 of his own money

William "Bill" Norris, Inwood, Democrat, $819.60 in contributions, including $469.60 of his own money.

Bonn A. "Buzz" Poland, Martinsburg, Democrat, $200 in contributions and personal loans totaling $3,763.98.

Republican candidates Elaine C. Mauck and James "Jim" Whitacre, both of Martinsburg, and Democrat R. Klaus Heitmann reported no contributions. Mauck reported $1,291.65 in personal loans.

Berkeley County Clerk

Incumbent Republican John W. Small Jr. of Martinsburg, reported no contributions.

Democratic opponent Christopher R. Ross of Martinsburg, reported $3,000 in contributions.

Berkeley County Circuit Clerk Virginia M. Sine and Assessor Patricia "Patsy" Kilmer, who are running unopposed, reported no contributions.

Jefferson County Clerk

Incumbent Republican Jennifer S. Maghan of Summit Point, filed a waiver, reporting no contributions.

Democratic opponent Ronda Lehman reported $414 in contributions, including $114 in-kind, and personal loans totaling $4,562.50 from herself and husband, Seth Lehman.

Jefferson County Circuit Clerk

Democratic incumbent Laura E. Rattenni, of Harpers Ferry, W.Va., reported $350 in contributions.

Republican Edward C. Compton of Summit Point, filed a waiver, reporting no contributions.

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