Greencastle to spruce up for Old Home Week

April 09, 2010|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Some minor "sprucing" downtown will hopefully give the Borough of Greencastle a facelift in time for Old Home Week this summer.

A mix of 12 hanging flower baskets, four welcome signs and seasonal banners have been proposed by the Downtown Beautification Committee.

The Borough Council has so far given its stamp of approval on the welcome signs and the baskets.

Its approval was contingent upon the committee securing permission from property owners to place the welcome signs, and the borough manager determining whether the lampposts can handle the weight of the baskets, said Downtown Beautification Committee Chairwoman Marissa Burt.

Adding these minor touches will bring an added sense of charm to the town, she said.

The Borough of Greencastle budgeted $50,000 for use in 2010 by the committees of its five-year strategic plan, said Borough Manager Ken Womack.


Downtown Beautification is one of the committees established under the strategic plan.

With the triennial Old Home Week celebration scheduled to begin July 31, Burt said the committee has been looking for ways to make Greencastle more aesthetically pleasing.

Hanging flower baskets are used by many communities in Franklin County to decorate street lamp poles, she said.

Burt said the cost of about $122 per basket would include the materials and the planting.

The baskets would each cost approximately $55 to maintain annually, and would include replanting and watering, she said.

Burt said the pop of color and floral charm packs a small but definite visual impact.

In addition to the baskets, the committee was approved to hire a graphic designer to design four banners that it can present to council for consideration.

The banners would hang on the poles with the baskets and change seasonally, she said.

Council members was reluctant to approve the purchase of the banners without seeing the designs.

However, Councilman Mark Singer said he felt the $1,644 for the baskets and banner designs was a small price to pay for the impact it will have on the town.

In February, the committee presented council with renderings and proposed locations for four welcome to Greencastle signs.

Council gave final approval of the signs on April 5. The four signs will be placed around Greencastle once the borough gets permission from property owner.

Burt said her committee is also considering hosting a clean-up day prior to Old Home Week.

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