Letters to the Editor

April 09, 2010

Do we have a plan to get out of debt?

To the editor:

If you've read some of my letters to the editor in the past, you know I love America. However, I'm very concerned about our attitude about the amount we are in debt, and nobody seems to know what to do about it.

It seems to me that we should be interested to find a debt reduction method to start paying our way out of this debacle.

There are those who say the government has borrowed from Social Security. Is this true? Is the government paying it back or are they paying the interest only?


I ask the same question about the money we owe other countries, like China. Do we have a plan to somehow get out of debt?

The news about these debts on TV really shocked me and, like I said, we should be trying somehow to return to a balanced budget and then create a method of debt reduction.

The astronomical figures like $7 trillion or 53 percent of our gross national product just blow my mind and nobody seems like they know what to do about it. I think we will find a way, but it will take quite a change in policies now in place, both foreign and domestic.

Not long ago, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were at Columbia University answering questions. They didn't seem to be worried. They said they believed in capitalism and America will survive.

Well, I do, too, but I want to hear more about when and how we are going to get out of debt.

I relate to it in a very simple way. If I ran my financial life like that, I would be bankrupt. Then what would I do? What do you think?

Jack Myers

Health care reform is a victory for America

To the editor:

We are finally getting health care for America.

We are finally showing the industrialized nations of the world that we, too, are bright enough, compassionate enough and wealthy enough to devise a health care system for our citizens.

In future months, we will see on our TV screens beautiful, healthy children expressing their gratitude for a system that made it possible for them to live. We will see older people still living in their own homes because they were not impoverished by medical bills.

Who, then, will rise up and demand the health care law be repealed? Who, then, will vote for politicians demanding or suing for repeal?

The opponents of health care reform will find themselves relegated to the dustbins of history alongside those who opposed Social Security and Medicare. The political party of FDR and LBJ has once again done something monumental for the people.

Will some of us be forced to buy health care insurance? Well, some of us are now forced to buy car insurance.

Vance L. Creech

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