Mail Call

April 07, 2010

"The Pentagon has received over 170,000 signatures pleading with Obama and Holder to not hold the four Navy SEALs accountable for defending themselves against the killers of American contractors. SEALs get small salaries, hardest job in world, to defend a country whose president holds the military accountable for doing its job. Liberals don't like the military, but our SEALs deserve more than this. Terrorists were released and our guys have to face court martial. What an administration." - Hagerstown

"Chuck the Easter Bunny - is anybody else offended by the pink bunny jumping up and down on the weather calendar on ... the ... TV stations? Easter is the most special day in the Christian year, the time when Jesus died, was buried and rose again. It is a historically documented event of great joy in the Christian community, and since America is still a Christian nation, let's celebrate that." - Mercersburg, Pa.


"I found a great use for stinkbugs. Trout are crazy about them. My grandson and I caught our limit this past Wednesday in 15 minutes." - Smithsburg

"Regarding not receiving the 2010 census form, if you do not have a post office box mailing address, contact Roscoe Bartlett's local office at 301-797-6043 and they can help. They did me." - Williamsport

"This is to the caller from Waynesboro who said the Democrats and stimulus. Obviously this person is a Republican, and is fascinated with Sarah Palin, but the truth be told, that was George Bush and his cronies in their measure of duty that give the money, the stimulus money, that started the stimulus money. Obama and his administration just carried it over. So it was Bush and his cronies that give the money to Wall Street." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the abandoned railroad station, and what I was saying was that Terry Baker and the commissioners should be congratulated on trying to save the county money, but I understand where the attorney come in, and I think that a good solution would be to let the volunteer or the local fire department go in there and be able to get some quality training out of it." - Maugansville

"Regarding the article in today's paper about Bartlett saying no, I for one am thankful that we have somebody in Washington who can say no." - Hagerstown

"This is to the readers of Mail Call. I'm from Dargan, and just because we have a busybody nosing in, you shouldn't judge all of us from this area. We do like to keep to ourselves. There's a reason why. Look around you. We just don't want to be judged by one person in Dargan." - Dargan

"I'm wondering if the people that have children that are being bused in this redistricting joke here in the county, to other schools, way away from where they live, read the article on Friday, April 2, part B, page 2. The commissioners gave an OK for a condo project in Hagerstown that would feed into South Hagerstown High School, which is overcrowded, and also E. Russell Hicks, which is projected to be over capacity next school year. Who is running this county and making these ... decisions?" - Hagerstown

"I've given this a lot of thought. There's only three reasons why somebody would not want to do the census report. They're illegals aliens, or you're some kind of criminal and they're looking for you, or you're a terrorist. Those are the only reasons you'd be unpatriotic and not fill out the census forms." - Hagerstown

"Well, I see another Maryland General Assembly is about to close, and again, most of all of the proposed bills by Chris Shank have failed. I actually think over the years he has proposed some very good bills, but he just can't seem to get them passed. Maybe it's not the bills, but his ... nonpartisan attitude. Hasn't he ever heard ... sometimes it's better to use honey instead of vinegar? I certainly don't want a person who can't seem to get much done with his peers my senator." - Hagerstown

"I would like to know if anyone knows the closest recycling place around Robinwood Medical Center." - Hagerstown

"With the Washington County unemployment rising to ... higher than the state or the national average, the Washington County Commissioners better be cutting back more than the 18 million they have in their budget. When they do their new budget for July 1, they'd better be eliminating all the nonprofits that get taxpayers' money, and they'd better be laying off more employees - anything they can do to cut money. Taxpayers are watching them." - Washington County

"Democrat callers claim Republican politicians are puppets, can't think for themselves, and so on. It's just so predictable. Once again, leftists and Democrats accuse their opponents of doing what they themselves are guilty of. I guess the fact that Democrat politicians had to be bribed with ambassadorships, judicial appointments, special deals, and subjected to all sorts of arm-twisting to support a bill they hadn't read and couldn't therefore ethically support shows just how independent they are." - Frederick, Md.

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