Mail Call

April 06, 2010

"I think it's wonderful that we're going to drill for oil off the coast now, although it's not going to solve any problem. It may be a temporary fix, though, to help us until we find alternative forms of energy. I just can't wait to hear the crowds think that we're going to have gasoline now less than $1 a gallon. What we need - along with the drilling, since nobody'll accept a tax on gasoline to encourage conservation - what we need is an oil embargo, Arab oil embargo that'll last about six months." - Brightwood Acres

"I'm a former county guy; lived in a small town, moved to Hagerstown about two years ago - and ever since we bought a house in Hagerstown it's been nothing but taxes, taxes, taxes, water rates going up, sewer rates up going up, electric going up. It seems like it's all Hagerstown does. I remember back several years back, good many years ago Hagerstown wasn't growing at all. People were leaving in bunches. I think they're going to have to do it again." - Hagerstown


"This is for the lady who is complaining about the barking dog in her apartment. ... There is a noise ordinance in the city but none in the county. I live on a block in the county that has to put up with loud thumping music ... every Friday and Saturday nights, until about 2 a.m. We've called the police and they can't help us. We've called the commissioners and talked to the attorney of the commissioners, and they say that we have to have a, get a law ordinance out for the county on the noise." - Halfway

"I am amazed at the lack of understanding some have of the health care reform bill. Anyone who thinks that a 2,800-page reform bill is going to be better for themselves or our country is delusional. ... Thank you, Roscoe Bartlett and other conservative representatives for realizing that the U.S. has to stop spending. Yes, we needed reform, but not a bigger government. It is one thing to do a legitimate reform. It is another to write a 2,800-page book of new government regulations and agencies." - Hagerstown

"I'm a Navy veteran of World War II, and I'm responding to the Hagerstown caller who criticized John McCain as a radical, saying that he should get out of Congress. Mr. McCain gallantly fought the enemy, was wounded and spent years enduring torture in a prison camp. You have the right to disagree with him, but you owe him and others your gratitude and respect. Or do you just sit on your duff and badmouth those who serve?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling for the Waynesboro, Pa., person who says that people need to find something else to gripe about, for the 10-question census form. You were lucky enough to receive the one that only had 10 questions. We received the one that has 48 questions that were required by law, asking things, among other things, like: What is your yearly income in the last 12 months? ... Do you have running water in your house? You know, why do they need to know this stuff, and why do they need to know what time I leave for work?" - Big Pool

"I've called to comment on the article by Lloyd Waters in the Sunday, March 28, edition of The Herald-Mail, of 'Why can't we all be happy taxpayers?' He's got a lot of good points there, and the government ought to take a look at it." - Hagerstown

"Headline: 'Shuster shares reform concerns.' How is this news, exactly? It might have been news had he supported the reform bill, but a Republican who doesn't support an Obama initiative isn't news. It's just the same old boring partisanship. What's the next headline? 'Dog bites man,' 'May rain tomorrow - or shine,' 'Tea Partiers like Sarah Palin'? Put some real news in the paper, please." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm reading Thursday's paper, and a 'Local student's column stirs campus.' I 100 percent agree with this young man. I have two granddaughters in college, and one of the first things I told them when they went away to college is keep your drink with you, don't drink too much, and don't go to a boy's room. ... I think they should leave this student alone. He's only voicing opinion that many parents and grandparents have already told their children." - Hagerstown

"The Washington County Commissioners are at it again. They are going to raise water and sewer charges because not enough is being used - due in part, they say, to high vacancy rates and reduced usage. That's the same reasoning the electric companies use. ... We and most of our neighbors have been cutting back on water use. It's too expensive. ... I'm on a fixed income, but work three days a week to make ends meet. I'm 86 years old and being slowly wiped out." - Hagerstown

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