Mail Call

April 05, 2010

"The difference between the first year of George Bush and the first year of President Obama is: Within the first year with George Bush, we were bombing people. Within the first year of President Obama, we were helping people. There's a big difference between starting a war and starting health care. I'm not too sure what the big issue is. Health care obviously is much more important than hurting people with bombs and guns and tanks." - Boonsboro

"After reading the article in Monday, March 29's issue, I suggest all parents read the article about Hunter Buterbaugh's story, 'Accident changes young man's life,' to all the children, from kindergarten up to senior high. This just shows how cruel kids can be. So I say thumbs up to Hunter and good luck and God bless. Very proud of Hunter, even though I do not know him." - Hagerstown

"Here's something to think about, for all you supporters of this Obama health care. Now, think about our American veterans. On average, they wait for more than five months for disability payments. These are injured American veterans. Some 11,000 or more have been waiting for over a year. Now, here's the shocker: As we speak, there are at least 400,000 disability claims for the military veterans ... unattended. ... They're working hard to remedy this, but this has been going on for years." - Hagerstown


"I don't know if anyone has noticed, but on the regular television channels, I've noticed that lately there's been a lot of bad language on a lot of these shows. I notice it's slowly starting to creep in, and I guess it's because no one's complained. And then we complain when the vice president and his potty mouth says some foul language that gets caught. ... There's no more decency. ... I think the only way to keep this foul language from our airways, or even on the street, is to not stand for it." - Williamsport

"I'm calling about the Baltimore Orioles. They don't seem to know, like everyone else knows, that they need pitching. They haven't had any good pitching for years, and they don't have any this year. They will once again be relegated to the bottom of their division. Thank you for listening." - Williamsport

"To the person in Boonsboro: You can get your grease off by taking your skillets to someone that does very fine sandblasting. Have them sandblast them, and then polish them very good and then reseason them, and they'll be OK." - Hagerstown

"I want to thank all the law enforcement officers for the wonderful job they're doing around the Sharpsburg area, and especially on Sharpsburg Pike, catching the road rage idiots and the speeders who want to be on their cell phones, driving 20, 25 mph over the limit. The policemen are doing a wonderful job, and I think they deserve our greatest praises." - Sharpsburg

"Nothing like the kindness of strangers to remind you that we all are a loving and caring people, and I just wanted to share a little story with all of you. ... I had spent a long day at school, visiting a sick relative and at the hospital, and I was riding around in my hospital gear on a motorized buggy at (a grocery store). I'm disabled, and a lot of people when they saw me coming offered to help; reach things down, reach things up, and follow me to my car to put my groceries inside. Thank you so much for your kind acts, or your acts of kindness." - Boonsboro

"You know, I was listening to Lindsey Graham, the senator, the Republican senator. ... He says that now being that it is passed, it's going to raise the premiums up sky-high. Well, where's he been for the last couple of years? They've been raising them up. Every time you look around they're raising them. Out in Texas I think they raised them up about 39 percent. And I've come to the conclusion all these right-wing talk show hosts and these Republicans, all they want to do is lie about this health care program." - Hagerstown

"After reading comments from all these people who gush about how now that the health care bill has been signed their prayers have been answered, and they're just so grateful ... everyone is covered and everyone is guaranteed, and we'll actually get all the high-quality, complete, affordable, even free, health care they want, I can best respond with a very old saying told to me by a religious teacher: Be careful what you pray for, because you may get it." - Frederick, Md.

"This is on water and sewer rate hikes by the county. I can't believe they're going to raise water and sewer. People don't have jobs or anything, and I can't believe it - 4 percent, 3 percent. People don't have work out there. Don't you county commissioners understand that?" - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller who commented about paying taxes on their property and they have an antique car in their yard, which is fenced in. Well, of course you pay taxes. If you didn't pay taxes, you wouldn't have land to park your junk on." - Chewsville

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