Heritage students compete in speech meet

April 05, 2010
  • Heritage Academy sophomores Christian Strickler and Jacob Kelley perform "Breach of Contract."
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The Heritage Academy speech meet on March 10 featured performances by 118 students.

Many students qualified for the Association of Christian Schools International Speech Meet, which will be April 23 at Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Here are the results from the school speech meet:

Second grade: Poetry - Evan Runkles, first; Colby Reese, second; Bible memory - Chloe Gaylor, first; Micah Clark, second; Fable/folklore - Riley Gladhill, first; Abigail Barnes, second.

Third grade: Poetry - Spencer Nigh, first; Jakob Line, second; Bible memory - Jan Lomahan, first; Naomi Faith, second; Fable/folklore - Mackenzie Householder, first; Stephen Wycoski, second.

Fourth grade: Poetry - Kaitlyn Hoffman, first; Hayley Hemphill, second; Bible memory - Leanna Shank, first; Maelynne Patey, second; Fable/folklore - Faith Horst, first; Josie Hartman, second.


Fifth grade: Poetry - Chloe Prejean, first; Madeline Runkles, second; Patriotic oration - Anita Williams, first.

Sixth grade: Poetry - Hannah Muller, first; David Fisler, second.

Seventh and eighth grades: Costumed dramatic monologue - Bethany Powell, first; Dramatic Poetry, Aaron Anderson, first; Joshua Taggart, second; Humorous poetry, Katrina Williams, first; Jordan Patterson, second; Puppetry - "That's How the Cookie Crumbles," Nicole Gaylor, Stephanie Eberly, Sarah Culver, Kristin Fisler, first; "The Clique that Didn't Click,'' Rose Clarke and Becky Brewer, second; Scripture Reading - Alex Cosner, first; Abraham Strickler, second.

Ninth and 10th grades: Impromptu - Christian Strickler, first; Original oratory, Darian Bercaw, first; Dramatic interpretation, Bryce Boyd, first; Collin Poyle, second; Humorous interpretation, Stephen Brewer, first; Expository speaking, Stephanie O'Brien, first; Michael Donmoyer, second; Bible reading - Peter Therrien, first; Daniel Williams, second; TV news team - Zach Muller, Bryce Nigh and Tristan Prejean, first; Interpretation of children's literature - Kara Stamper, first; Brooke Shives, second; Duet acting - "Breach of Contract" - Jacob Kelley and Christian Strickler, first; "Over the Edge" - Ben Cosner and Jonathon Kriner, second; Readers' theater - "The Fairy Godmother's Assistant," Callie Butts, Michelle Creswell, Jessica Gaylor and Kathleen Kidd, first; "Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye," Emily Barr, Rachel Clarke, Abbey Jackson, Chad Lowry, Robbie Martin and Mark Taggart, second.

Eleventh and 12th grades: Impromptu - Morgan Nield, first; Troy Cosner, second;

Bible reading - Kenny Sterner, first; Brittany Patey, second; Interpretation of children's literature - Sydalg Wilson, first; Laura Calhoun, second; Aaron Clark, alternate.

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