Mail Call

April 03, 2010

"I'm calling about the Social Security. Well, you know, there are people who are going to get on it as soon as they hit that age, too, and we're all not slackers. I paid in to Social Security, and I'm only 52 years old and I hate using it, but I have to. So you all get your stories straight. It's not easy living on Social Security." - Smithsburg area

"Gasoline prices are on the increase again. Is it still George Bush's fault?" - Halfway

"To the parents in Boonsboro that are swamped with stink bugs: I'll gladly lend them my dog for a day. They just have to make sure that she goes to the bathroom before they return her. She eats them up like crazy. She just loves them." - Funkstown

"If they did away with all the junk mail, we'd only need to get mail one day a week." - Hagerstown


"To the proud Democrat, the one that said he's proud to be a Democrat: I used to be a proud Democrat, but no more, because you see, I don't believe in abortion." - Hagerstown

"Excuse me, I need to vent here a little bit. I called 411 to get a phone number because you can't find them in the phone books nowadays, and you reach these people over in God knows what country they're from and you can't understand them, and you get off the phone and you never did get the phone number, but you have to pay for the call. Everyone is from out of this country. It's just insane. Have a good day." - Funkstown

"This is to the caller from Maugansville who's proud to be a Democrat. You must be one of those who will benefit on all this free stuff. Washington thinks if you get change for a dime and you get 10 pennies, you have 10 times that amount of money." - Hagerstown

"I just want to say that the reason the Census Bureau cannot send forms to post office boxes is because many are rented by businesses. It would be a waste of forms, as only persons are counted in this particular census." - Hagerstown

"To get caked grease off a cast-iron skillet or griddle: Wipe thoroughly with paper towel, then scrub with salt or sand. Repeat until smooth and shiny. Re-season if necessary." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Many of us pay for what is called 'Caller ID,' either for land-line or cell-based phone calls. But 80 percent of my incoming calls are either posted as 'unknown caller and number' or as a calling number only. It was a great idea at first, but most calls are not identified. I guess callers don't want you to know who is on the line after all. And the nobody on the line when you pick up is absolutely enraging. I've got better things to do with my time." - Hagerstown

"Bernie Madoff is in jail for bilking investors of billions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme, but the Obama-Reid-Pelosi health care plan is a trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. It establishes a bureaucracy that will collect taxes and fees for four years before beginning to provide the promised benefits. It's just another Ponzi scheme of collecting money in advance with a promise to pay later, this time run by the government, but the political perpetrators go scot-free, and probably won't even be in office four years from now. Is this a great country or what?" - Hagerstown

"Hats off to the Sharpsburg Christians processing on Palm Sunday. What a great gesture." - Hagerstown

"Just a couple comments I wanted to make. In Monday's paper, the young man, Hunter, I want to say congratulations to him and keep up the good work. You're a prime example of what a young person can do if they put their mind to it. And I also think The Herald-Mail should have made it the headlines, instead of what they did make headlines, which was of the officials divided over a highway idea. That young man's picture should have been at the top of the page, not the bottom. My second thing, comment is, Washington, D.C., announcing in Tuesday's paper that they're going to make an assault on the Taliban's home in two months. Why do you have to tell the world everything that's going on?" - Hancock

"The Herald-Mail will always be a great local newspaper for articles just like the one on Monday's front page, on Hunter Buterbaugh's article by Heather Keels. What an inspiring young kid, young man, that Hunter is. Reading his article, I'm a 50-year-old male, I have MS, I was diagnosed with MS, and he's an inspiring young man, and I tell you, it's great to read about young men such as Hunter. Keep up the good work, Hunter, and you're an inspiration, even to us older folks." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in reply to the person who wanted to know how to get cooked-on grease off cast-iron skillets. If you have a self-cleaning oven, you put your cast-iron skillets in the oven while you're cleaning it, and let it go, and then wipe it out with cold water, and take cooking oil and rub it on the inside of the skillet and the outside, put it back in the oven on 400 degrees." - Clear Spring

"I notice in the police reports, they always say 'referral.' I was just wondering, does 'referral' mean they told them to go get a warrant, go see a priest or a preacher, or what? Could somebody specify what that means? It's in Police Call all the time." - Chewsville

"Funny thing, Obama could go overseas and criticize people's governments - Russia, Afghanistan, how corrupt they are - but his country, America, supposed to be president of, don't say a thing about how corrupt our government is, or how greedy the ones in the White House are to get the health care plan passed. Money passed out to the ones that said 'no,' they changed their mind and said 'yes.'" - Martinsburg, W.Va.

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