Waynesboro pharmacy robbed at gunpoint

April 02, 2010|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, PA. - Authorities were searching Friday for a man who robbed Antietam Pharmacy in Waynesboro that morning and got away with drugs, according to the Waynesboro Police Department.

A man dressed in a multicolored coat, gloves and a ski mask entered Antietam Pharmacy at 11:43 a.m., showed a handgun and demanded the staff turn over drugs, Police Department Sgt. Mike Bock said.

No one was hurt in the robbery, Bock said.

Little was known of the robber other than his clothing and approximate height. Police believe the man was about 5 foot 5 inches tall, Bock said. None of the man's skin or hair was visible under his clothing, which covered him from head to toe, Bock said.

Police would not detail what the gunman took from the pharmacy but said it was a commonly stolen prescription drug.

Antietam Pharmacy is equipped with alarms and security cameras that captured the robber on film, pharmacist and owner Dave Riley said.


While an image of the robber was not immediately made available, Bock described the man's jacket as having a multicolored pattern similar to the digital camouflage issued by the military.

"In black and white, his coat would look like camo," Bock said.

Digital camouflage is made up of small micropatterns, like dots.

Police said witnesses told them they saw the man fleeing toward Ninth Street.

The department's dog, Sarge, was enlisted to search the area, sniffing bushes and buildings for a trace of the robber, Bock said. Sarge tracked the scent for a short distance, then lost it where police believe a vehicle was waiting.

Four pharmacy staff members were working at the time of the robbery, Riley said.

Riley said he was proud of how calmly his staff handled the situation. They had been trained for such an event, he said.

"They called police, gave him exactly what he wanted and they are alive," he said. "Everything in here can be replaced, but their lives cannot."

Waynesboro Police keep a vigilant eye on Antietam Pharmacy with daily patrols along Potomac Street, Riley said.

"Police are never more than a phone call away," he said. "They drive by us frequently because we are a pharmacy and we are, in many ways, a target."

Friday's robbery was the second time in 28 years that the pharmacy was the target of a crime, Riley said.

Anyone with information about the robbery may call Waynesboro Police at 717-762-2132.

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