Mail Call

April 02, 2010

"I think the City of Hagerstown city councilmen and the mayor all need to be replaced, and put new people in there that don't like to spend money so much. And that's the same way with the county. There's only one person I think ... tries to take care of the people on their taxes and all, is Aleshire. I don't care who else gets in there, but we need ... and get our taxes lower in Washington County, because it's ridiculous. I don't know how many times it's tripled, doubled."

- Hagerstown

"Concerning the comment saying that we smokers are going to stand up for our rights and we're going to start taking America back, well, good luck in that, caller, along with standing up for your rights. The only rights you have and we have in the country today is to pay our taxes and to pay our bills. That's the only rights we have. ... You have to respect these nonsmokers' rights, too."


- Greencastle, Pa.

"Isn't it amazing - Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and company spouting that as people find out what's in the so-called health reform package, that people will appreciate it? Wouldn't it have made much more sense, if it's that great, to let everybody know what's in it before it was voted on?"

- Smithsburg

"I'd like to know what happened to the $250 Obama was supposed to give everybody on Social Security and so forth. And now the price of gas has gone way up, and yet they didn't want to give us a raise, but yet these people can fly around in airplanes and go everywhere on taxpayers' money. What's wrong with this country?"

- Hagerstown

"I'm from Dargan, born and raised. We have a lot of nice people in Dargan. We tend to our own families. A lot of transplants have moved in and tried to tend to everybody else's business. If you don't like our town, move out."

- Dargan

"I'm calling because a few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail stating that I would get my census form the following week. The following week has come and gone and I still have not received my census form, so I was just wondering, who are you supposed to get in contact with if you don't get one?"

- Boonsboro

"What's new? The Democrats in Congress have done it to the taxpayers again. It wasn't enough for them to use tax dollars to bail out Wall Street, banks, insurance companies, automakers, the housing industry, etc. Now the Democrats are raping the retired and working person's pocketbook again, with socialized health care. Sarah Palin was right on."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Thank you, Tim Rowland, for your sane view of health care reform in Sunday's paper. The government would not have gotten involved in the medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies if they would not have gotten obscenely greedy.

- Williamsport

"Good grief, where are you people getting your information? Bartlett, Capito and Shuster voted no because that's where their party was espousing, the Republican Party. They're as much a party puppet as Howdy Doody. Get your information straight before you start making stupid comments."

- Hagerstown

"A rebuttal to the person who said if your house is up for sale by a Realtor, your Realtor owns your home. I beg to differ. Does your Realtor pay your taxes, does the Realtor make your monthly house payments? I think not. A bank owns a foreclosed home, not a home that is being sold by choice, with the owner who still lives in the house and who still makes their house payments on time. ... Not all homes up for sale are foreclosed homes."

- Clear Spring

"You think the idiotic waste conducting the census can't get any worse? Think again. I just got a postcard reminding me that I had just received a census form, which I knew, because I'd received it, and it was so very important that I fill it out and mail it in, which I had in fact already done. But I'll bet dinner at any restaurant in Hagerstown or Frederick that there are plenty of even worse examples out there."

- Frederick, Md.

"This is to the man that's cutting up the Social Security people, the man from Dargan. I'm going to mail him a nickel. Tell him to go get a life - and by the way, you know what, tell him to read a few books on Social Security and educate himself."

- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the shutdown of the BP Solar plant down in Frederick. When are our politicians going to wake up and realize we can't run this country and people can't have meaningful jobs if we don't have industry? Everything we buy anymore is made in China, and all of our machinery is gone, and when are these politicians and people going to wake up? Do they go to Congress to lose all common sense?"

- Washington County

"To the caller who called in about schoolteachers having nice cars: That simply means they have good credit. They are paying their way, and they deserve to have nice cars. Don't begrudge a teacher something just because you're bitter about life. Take care, and think about it."

- Hagerstown

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