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What Do You Think?

December 29, 2009

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on Readers also may submit comments when voting. A sampling of edited reader comments will run on The Herald-Mail's Opinion page on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The question posted Thursday was: What do you consider the top news story of 2009?

Poll results (as of 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 29):

The economy - 612 votes (36.1 percent)

Health care overhaul - 128 votes (7.6 percent)

President Obama's inauguration - 165 votes (9.7 percent)

Wars in Afghanistan/Iraq - 49 votes (2.9 percent)

Swine flu - 72 votes (4.3 percent)

Michael Jackson dies - 561 votes (33.1 percent)

Edward Kennedy dies - 15 votes (0.9 percent)


Something else - 92 votes (5.4 percent)

o "With unemployment at around 10 percent and foreclosures in the paper pretty much every day, I would say the economy is still the biggest issue. In fact, heard on the radio that many of the foreclosures that are occurring now are to prime mortgage holders. How this administration can say we are coming out of this recession is beyond me. ... We are a country on the verge of bankruptcy and yet they are acting as though they are using Monopoly money. I couldn't be more disgusted."

o "I say none of the above, for I feel the most serious of all possible events for the USA is a breakdown in the Middle East. War there could be not more than a moment away, and the one good thing I see is the presence of a substantial army of U.S. troops in Iraq when Iran begins its war for control of the Muslim world. We are in as good a position as we can be to invade Iran and dispose of the crazies in charge of its government."

o "I'm surprised more people aren't voting the Iraq/Afghan wars as most important. The recession caused suffering, and the wasteful bailouts and other corrupt government policies will cause more suffering, but the wars cost thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of other lives."

o "Some more top news for 2009 is the second terrorist attack under Obama. ... For 2009 and beyond, we need to be giving every ounce of support to the brave men and women in the military. It's a much harder job to do under a weak commander in chief, and the U.S. military deserve so much more when there is so much at stake."

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