Letters to the Editor

December 25, 2009

This year, enjoy the gift of service to others

To the editor:

Give yourself a gift this year.

Slow down and allow yourself to enjoy the gift of service to others. The cost is small, but the rewards are priceless. It will cost you some time, a loving heart, a listening ear, a gentle touch, willing hands and a desire to make this world a better place.

We live in a world where the success of Christmas is measured by the sound of a clanging cash register. Money spent on gifts that will be welcomed with great anticipation and excitement, only to be forgotten and replaced by a desire for something new.

By giving of ourselves in service to others without expecting payment in return, we find joy and contentment in knowing that we have touched lives and formed memories that will last a lifetime.


The opportunities are limitless. Churches, service clubs, civic organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, fire companies - the list goes on.

And as you serve, don't forget those who are closest to you. Make that visit you always said you would make, write that letter of appreciation to your father, mother, brother or sister. Forgive the hurtful action that you're harboring; they've probably forgotten it by now.

Take the time to listen when someone speaks to you. Listen, don't plan your response. You'll make a better impression by listening than by your witty response.

The beauty of service is that it's not limited to a season or time. Rather, make service to others a lifelong gift to yourself. We can all afford it and the rewards just keep on coming.

Charlie Try
Chambersburg, Pa.

County chose wrong location for senior center

To the editor:

The Washington County Commissioners need to rethink locating the new senior center at Hagerstown Community College.

They didn't want to buy the Giant Eagle property on Burhans Boulevard because it cost $1 million, yet they are going to build a $5.8 million facility on land they don't own. With all of the parking, excellent location, bus routes, handicapped accessibility and room for expansion, that property needs to be reconsidered.

The commissioners never considered my previous suggestion of using the old H.L. Mills grocery store on Hood Street, which is centrally located between the senior towers. No, they would rather place it in an already congested area, which will be made worse after the hospital and new Eastern Primary School are completed.

Even though the Dual Highway and Edgewood Drive intersection is being revamped, it will still be a busy area and one I plan to avoid.

Vicky Smith

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