What teens really want for Christmas

December 22, 2009|By ASHLEY VIAR

IPods, cameras, Nikes, "DJ Hero," and "Twilight" are some things that might be on a teen's Christmas list this holiday season.

But, what do teens really want this Christmas season? Electronics, clothes, peace - it's hard to tell, sometimes.

It seems that some teens at North Hagers-town High School know exactly what they want.

Some items they are hoping for are common for a teen to ask for, such as a laptop, flat iron or car, which is what senior Jesenia Feliciano, 17, said she wants under her Christmas tree.

And some teens, such as sophomore Lindsay Doorn, 16, said she wants a new cell phone.

Teens always want to stay up-to-date on the latest music and technology. It seems to be that way for sophomores Nidia Alvarez, 15, who wants the newest Lady GaGa album, and Caity Wachter, who wants a new Steelers jersey and an iPod.

Sam Lowe, 15, a sophomore, wants to open up a pair of black boots on Christmas morning.


We are teenagers and not kids anymore, but we still look forward to opening that special present on Christmas.

Apart from the typical gifts that most teens will ask for are more unusual requests. For example, senior Verena Barnhart, 17, is hoping to get a cute little puppy in her stocking, while sophomore Amanda Jenkins, 15, said she wants, "light-up tube socks, seriously!"

Aside from that, some teenagers don't want gifts at all. Nimra Iqbal, 17, and her sister, freshmen Asma Iqbal, 14, just want world peace and a chance for all homeless and hungry people to have a very Merry Christmas.

Some of the most precious gifts are the most difficult to arrange. Like many other teens in this country who are faced with spending the holiday without their loved ones, the gift that sophomore Allura Warden, 16, wants is for her father to come home from Iraq.

Teens all over the world can't wait to open their presents or see all of their Christmas wishes come true on Christmas morning, whether it's an album or world peace.

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