Mentzer Gap Road residents want speed limit enforced

December 22, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - It doesn't matter if the speed limit on Mentzer Gap Road is listed as 25 mph or 35 mph on signs if police don't enforce speeding, residents told the Washington Township (Pa.) Supervisors on Monday.

Ten residents of Mentzer Gap Road addressed the supervisors to talk about a proposal to lower the speed limit between Beartown Road and Old Forge Road. While split on whether 25 mph or 35 mph is best, the residents were almost unanimous in saying they feel only enforcement would make a difference.

"They're not going to listen unless it's enforced," said Tom King, of 12637 Mentzer Gap Road.

"I don't care what sign you put on it, ... just slow it down," said Mark Henicle, of 11998 Mentzer Gap Road.

"The last year, it seems like the speed is picking up," said Bill Nagg, of 12024 Mentzer Gap Road.

Police Chief Barry Keller shared information about how Pennsylvania statutes dictate when a citation can be issued. Based on the police department's equipment, Washington Township officers can only cite a motorist for speeding 10 mph or greater above the speed limit in areas posted below 50 mph.


The supervisors said they feel 35 mph is the most appropriate speed for people traveling the road, in part due to an S-shaped curve. However, because of the citation restrictions, they said they hope that posting the speed limit at 25 mph will translate into motorists driving 35 mph or slower.

"If we want them to drive at 35, post it at 25 and ticket them at 45," said Robert Spong, of 12184 Mentzer Gap Road.

The supervisors voted unanimously to set the speed limit at 25 mph and review the matter in a year. The township had already changed the signs prior to Monday's meeting.

Previously, the speed limit varied from 25 mph to 45 mph on the affected stretch of road.

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