Rottweiler mix doing well with new family

December 22, 2009

Duncan, the young husky/Rottweiler mix rescued by the Humane Society of Washington County's field services department when it was found frozen to the ground in January is settling in with his new family.

Almost 1 year old, Duncan has become a treasured member of the household.

In April, Duncan joined his new family, which consisted of parents Kristi and Mike, brother and sister Brenden and Lily, and canine, Bishop.

"Duncan is just the most lovable puppy. And he has grown so much. Last time we were at the vet, he was 90 pounds," Kristi said.

"He doesn't seem to realize that he's too big to be a lap dog, but he tries."

Paul Miller, executive director of the humane society, is pleased to hear how well Duncan has transitioned.

"This is truly a success story. It could have turned out very badly if the concerned citizen hadn't contacted us when she heard Duncan crying," Miller said.


Duncan was brought to the shelter after being found in a wooded area in the city's North End. "We were very concerned about this little guy for quite awhile," Miller said.

"He had been exposed to some very cold temperatures and he had a very bad skin condition." He was treated by a local veterinarian and cared for by the shelter's animal- care staff.

Although Duncan's older canine companion, Bishop, is no longer with the family, having the young pup around has provided some solace.

"Bishop was with us for 12 years and we miss him terribly," Kristi said. "Duncan keeps everyone busy with his antics. He likes to steal socks - particularly Lily's Hello Kitty socks - and he will fall over himself trying to bite his own feet. It's really funny, and someday I will get it on video."

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