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December 20, 2009

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on Readers also may submit comments when voting. A sampling of edited reader comments will run on The Herald-Mail's Opinion page on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The question posted Wednesday was: Do you agree with Time magazine's selection of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as its Person of the Year for 2009?

Poll results:

Yes - 73 votes (14.2 percent)

No - 440 votes (85.8 percent)

o "Is Time magazine's silly award, or for that matter any of the awards like the Nobel Peace Prize, even relevant any longer? It's like the Oscars. Who watches or is paying attention to the silly insignificance of it?"

o "Person of the Year isn't always awarded for positive achievements by Time. It's for impact, good or bad. Hitler was their Man of the Year for 1938. ... For me, a guy appointed by both Bush and Obama is doubly bad."


o "The argument could be made (and was done so by Time) that Bernanke, being a leading scholar of the Great Depression, was the best man for the job at a time when this country was on the precipice of, potentially, another serious depression. He did expand the role of the Fed greatly, but most leading economists agreed unprecedented steps needed to be taken. Those on the far left and right want him gone, but I'm not certain he hasn't actually helped save us from something that could have been much worse."

o "No, there is not a political figure in this country who deserves to be Person of the Year unless it is an award for the best con artist, and then it would be hard to choose. If the award is to go to an honest individual who loves their country and is trying to make a difference, it would have to be a soldier. At least in that category, you would have a selection to choose from."

o "What a joke. Of course I voted no."

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