Winter's wonder

December 19, 2009|By AMY NEWCOMER

Christmas is nearly here, and with it comes some winter weather. Snow made its first visit in the Tri-State area this year on Dec. 5, the day of the 21st annual Memorial Illumination, a driving tour honoring the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Antietam near Sharpsburg.

Love it or hate it, snow and ice often make good photography subjects, as many of our readers have found in the photos shown here.


Karen Swan of Williamsport shot this photo on Natural Well Road after an ice storm.

Emily Boward, 20, of Hagerstown, used an SLR Asahi Pentax K1000 film camera to take this picture of the luminarias set up around cannons at this year's Antietam Illumination.

Following an ice storm in January, Karen Swan of Williamsport used her Fuji FinePix camera to take this photo of trees in Williamsport.


Wanda Mounts also took photos at the illumination. Mounts, 46, of Hagerstown, used a Sony Alpha 100 to take this photo of the luminarias and headlights of passing cars near the Dunkard church.

Sybil Schiffman, 70, took this photo of a cherub covered with ice in February 2008. The cherub is on a fountain in Greenwich Park, a housing development on Mount Aetna Road east of Hagerstown. Schiffman resides in Greenwich Park. The photo was taken with a Fuji Finepix F31fd 6-megapixel, point-and-shoot in automatic mode.

Bill Taylor of Hagerstown took this photo from the parking lot of Kohl's in Chambersburg, Pa. The shot, taken in January, was captured with a Sony Cybershot 1080 digital camera. "The clear, crisp sky allowed for a wonderful array of colors," Taylor wrote in an e-mail.

Emily Boward took this shot of the Maryland Monument during this year's Antietam Illumination. She says that her camera was set up on a tripod to capture the headlights on the extremely cold night. "I was changing and reloading film with frozen fingers," she said via e-mail.

C.J. White, 16 and a student at South Hagerstown High School, took this photo at New Germany State Park in Grantsville, Md., on Dec. 12, with his Nikon D40. C.J. was attending the Highlands Environmental Leadership Program weekend, which teaches participants how they can help their communities become more aware of local environmental problems.

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