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Letters to the Editor

December 18, 2009

Jesus' call to love your enemy is an important message

To the editor:

In Chad Gross' recent letter to the editor ("Powell made some solid points in his Nov. 20 column," Friday, Dec. 11, page A4), he discusses man's search for meaning, comparing the views of Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl, philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, and even serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Gross notes that each of their respective beliefs (will, Marxism, cannibalism) is equally valid in a world where "no objective meaning exists." In a strictly philosophical sense, this is correct, though it should be noted that, in a societal sense, Mr. Dahmer's view is recognized as vastly inferior, immoral and illegal.

Gross then reaches the conclusion that "God alone ... gives life objective meaning, purpose and value." Here, Gross makes something of a leap, logically speaking, implying that God is a real objective entity and not merely a belief. Admittedly, it's a belief held by many people, myself included. But, as no scientific proof exists, the existence of God remains a theory and, in a strictly philosophical sense, debatable as to relevance in discussions such as this.


And although it's tempting to cite the Bible as proof, there really is no philosophical or scientific way to validate God's existence from that revered tome - or in any other way.

Perhaps the more important question is, if God really does exist, why doesn't He (She?) reveal Himself to the world in such a magnificent way that there can be little or no doubt, and settle such matters as life's meaning, as well as many, many other questions? Certainly there have been times, like during World War II, when the world at large would have welcomed divine intervention.

Well, perhaps God doesn't want to end debates such as this one, or take all the mystery from life that comes from not really having the answers to the big unknowns. Or perhaps He wants us to be curious and free to reach our own conclusions and beliefs, or not even bother if we don't care. These seem like plausible answers. But who really knows? Who really can say? For now, the answer to any of these questions is a personal one and, as long as you abstain from Mr. Dahmer's type of actions, permissible in a free society.

Gross closes his letter with a quote by Jesus, whose teachings are as good a basis for meaning in life as can be found, whether you believe in his divinity or not. Unfortunately, Gross, like many other Christians, hones in on the supposed salvation-or-damnation aspect of his ministry. Well, that, too, is a matter of personal choice.

As for me, Jesus' revolutionary call to love your enemy seems the most important of his messages and is why he is called the Prince of Peace. And it's that message that most needs reiterated in a country that prides itself on being predominantly Christian, yet is still at war.

Dan Wallace

Limbaugh tirade was just a collection of insults

To the editor:

Please allow me to summarize David Limbaugh's latest tirade in the Opinion pages.

Leftist, enviro-tyrants, staggering scandal, enslave the world, progress-swallowing, leftist, distortions, exaggerations, leftist, manufactured, simulated, deliberately overstating, grossly manipulated, flagrantly lied, concealed facts, leftist, fabricated consensus, deception, scandal, leftist, conspiratorial corruption, reverse thrusters, hoax, Obama-leftist, unfazed, alarmist scientists, climate fraud, alarmists, incriminating, cheat and lie, rig evidence, hide and decline, destroy records, so-called experts, political hacks, leftists, manipulation, complete lies, distortions, falsehoods, cynically dishonest, blind acceptance, leftists, mind-numbed credulity, alarmist claims, Draconian solutions, mythical Armageddon, leftist sheep, chimerical, self-muted cacophony, sinister intent, one-world government, ceding control.

Yes, it is an impressive collection of insults, derogatory terms and otherwise unflattering rhetoric. Limbaugh seems to think that everybody who does not share his political views is acting in pure malice, pursuing an evil hidden agenda, and intent on destroying America and feeding our children to the devil.

Normally, I would dismiss such ideas as "too dumb to comment on," but Limbaugh might actually be suffering from a clinical condition. "Paranoid psychopath" comes to mind.

Hans K. Buhrer

Thanks to all involved in Smithsburg event

To the editor:

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all those who were involved in the Smithsburg Christmas party on Saturday, Dec. 12.

This year's event was a huge success, with nearly 180 people attending the free party for children and their families sponsored by the Smithsburg Community Activities Commission (SCAC) and the mayor and council of Smithsburg.

On behalf of the SCAC, I wanted to thank all those who helped make this year's party a great event.

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