Trash collection changes announced in Waynesboro

December 16, 2009

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Changes are being made to trash collection in the Borough of Waynesboro starting Jan. 1.

Tree and hedge trimmings, brush and similar items will not be collected on a weekly basis, Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said. They will be collected every other week on non-recycling collection weeks, he said.

The items must be tied in bundles not exceeding four feet in length and 50 pounds. They can be placed in a container no larger than 32 gallons and must be kept separate from other refuse.

If the items are in excess of the three container maximum, the trash contractor may charge a per bundle or container fee for additional items, according to a news release.


Grass clippings will be collected on a weekly basis if they are in containers not larger than 32 gallons and separate from other refuse. Grass clippings will be considered in the three-container limit.

Large item disposal will continue to be on the same week as recycling.

The list of recyclable items has been expanded. The following items can be recycled:

o flattened cardboard

o magazines

o office paper

o brown paper bags

o newspapers

o paperboard

o paper cardboard, dairy and juice containers

o junk mail

o phone books

o plastic bottles and containers Nos. 1 to 7

o glass bottles and jars

o aluminum cans, aluminum foil and pie tins

o tin or steel cans

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