Park improvements top Williamsport's to-do list

December 15, 2009|By JULIE E. GREENE

WILLIAMSPORT - Several construction projects will be going on this year in Williamsport, including improvements at Riverbottom Park and Byron Memorial Park.

Town Clerk/Treasurer Donnie Stotelmyer is hoping to get the boat ramp at Riverbottom Park rebuilt by spring so it won't interfere with the boating season. The ramp needs to be steeper. He's also hoping to add trees to the shoreline and improve the parking area in 2010.

Town officials also are considering getting a floatable dock for the ramp that can be removed if the Potomac River floods, Stotelmyer said.

The town has a $149,000 waterway grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, but the grant probably won't cover the yet-to-be-determined cost of all four projects at the park, Stotelmyer said.


Stotelmyer said the town also has applied for a grant for a second boat ramp to accommodate increasing use and to provide access for the disabled through a floatable dock. The second ramp would be used to launch kayaks, canoes and personal watercraft such as Jet Skis, and for emergency personnel to launch watercraft for rescues.

The soil under the concession stand at the Pinesburg softball complex northwest of town needs to be stabilized because it is soft and at least one initial fatigue crack has been spotted in the wall, said Rob Slocum, Washington County's deputy director of public works. Grout will be injected into the soil under the foundation, hopefully in the spring. The project will cost about $35,000.

Stotelmyer said approximately 4,750 feet of walking trail will be built at Byron Memorial Park, from the Springfield Barn area and winding through the park. The town has a $30,000 state grant for the work, which could begin in the spring.

Sewer lines

A project to improve some of the town's sewer lines will continue in early 2010, though on which streets the work will be done hasn't been decided, Stotelmyer said. Tree roots have broken into some of the pipes, allowing storm water to leak into them, increasing the town's costs because that water has to be pumped and treated.

Throughout 2010, the town's four sewer pumping stations will be replaced, said Mayor James G. McCleaf II. The 1961 stations are worn. Three of the stations pump sewage to the main station, which pumps sewage to the county treatment plant.

That work is expected to begin in early 2010 and will cost about $1.5 million, McCleaf said.

All of the water meters in town - more than 800 commercial and residential meters - will be replaced thanks to $1 million in federal recovery act money, Stotelmyer said. The meters are old and if they are running slowly, the town is losing revenue, he said.

McCleaf said the meter replacement will probably start in February and be finished in June.

The town will start a Boys & Girls Club in March, McCleaf said. The club will hold its first meeting March 2 in the community building in Byron Memorial Park. For information about joining the club, call Buck Browning at 301-733-5422.

Events in town this coming year include the Downsville Ruritan's carnival in Byron Memorial Park from June 14 to 19; Williamsport Days in the park from Aug. 28 to 29; and the World War II and USO weekend at Springfield Barn from Oct. 8 to 10, Stotelmyer said.

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