Heritage fundraiser a slam dunk

December 14, 2009

When people think of fundraisers, a shoot-a-thon might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

This year, however, the Heritage Academy shoot-a-thon was a great success.

In order to participate, students had to have sponsors and raise at least $50. Students then had 10 minutes to make as many baskets as possible.

The third-grade class raised the most money in the elementary, and had the opportunity to play a basketball game against the varsity team, whose members were only allowed to use one hand.

This year, a new competition was added in the high school. The sophomores raised the most money, so the participants from their class were taken to Sheetz for lunch.


Male and female winners in the individual competitions were as follows:

K-4 and K-5, Cody Miller and Leah Fisler; first and second grades, Miciah Clark and Shelby Corbett; third and fourth grades, Tyler Horst and Amy Gaylor; fifth and sixth grades, David Fisler and Chloe Prejean.

In the high school, the individual winners were as follows:

Seventh to ninth grades, Alex Cosner and Hannah Gaylor; and 10th to 12th grades, Aaron Clark and Kathleen Kidd.

The event raised $4,000 for the athletic department. The proceeds will go toward the cost of referees during the sports seasons.

"Heritage has been blessed by a wonderful group of students," said Shelby Lowry, the school's athletic director.

- Kenny Sterner

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