Radio station hopes to transform hearts

December 10, 2009|By MARLO BARNHART

HAGERSTOWN -- The mission of a new Christian radio station in the Tri-State area becomes quite clear once the WHGT call letters are explained.

"It stands for Where Hearts Get Transformed," said Pastor Larry Aikens, president and general manager of the station.

Listeners in the Chambersburg, Pa., area can currently pick up the station, which is broadcasting at reduced power on 1590 AM.

Aikens said weather has delayed into early spring the station's plans to increase power to its full 15,000-watts and broaden its coverage area. Eleven acres of land in Pennsylvania were acquired to house two towers needed to broadcast over a wider area.

"I had the vision for the radio station a couple of years ago," Aikens said.

The license was obtained in 2005.

In addition to Aikens, the radio staff includes Diane Johns, executive secretary; Robert Mullinax, project manager; Jerry Foreman and Jeff Hollinshead, engineers; and Dave Robinson, missionary and consulting FBN engineer.


Completely nondenominational, the noncommercial station will have Christian formatting in both music and word, Aikens said.

"We've tapped into a lot of programming through the Fundamental Broadcasting Network (FBN)," Aikens said.

Studios are at 16221 National Pike west of Hagerstown. Because the station is noncommercial and has no advertising, it will depend on financial support from listeners.

Aikens said more information may be obtained on programming, sponsorships and missions by visiting the Web site at

Though his background isn't in broadcasting, Aikens said he has done his homework. Pleased with the affiliation with FBN, Aikens said he has found people who are not only into broadcasting but promoting Christian ideals, too.

Aikens said he believes the station provides a unique opportunity to extend the scope of Christian programming to people who listen to the radio regularly.

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