Juvenile court briefs

December 10, 2009

Teen gets community service, probation for violation

A teenager admitted Wednesday in juvenile court to violating probation by disobeying curfew. The violation was related to a property damage incident in which the boy allegedly threw rocks at vehicles.

Washington County Circuit Judge M. Kenneth Long, sitting in juvenile court, suppressed a statement the boy made Oct. 2 to Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Litten about the property damage.

During a brief suppression hearing, Litten testified he came across the boy and another teenager on the railroad tracks near Massey Boulevard. Litten, who was in the area because of several reports that someone had been throwing rocks at vehicles, testified the boy admitted to throwing the rocks because "there was nothing else to do around here."

Long determined the boy's statement should be suppressed because the deputy's question was intended to elicit information from the boy, even though he had not yet been read his rights.


Washington County Assistant State's Attorney Michelle Flores said the state would not pursue charges connected to the property damage. Long ordered the youth to serve 20 hours of community service and be placed on probation.

Truant teen placed on probation

A teenager was placed on indefinite supervised probation Wednesday in juvenile court after truancy charges brought him to the attention of the juvenile system.

Washington County Circuit Judge M. Kenneth Long Jr., sitting in juvenile court, said he hoped the probation and the teen's recently stabilized family situation would correct the problem.

-- Bridget DiCosmo

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