Mail Call

December 09, 2009

"I just finished reading the Sunday paper, about the luminarias down at Sharpsburg, and how the snow affected the candle lights and put a few of them out. I was wondering if they just could get some of those little plastic candles with the little light bulbs on top, which run off the LED lights. They could stay lit all night long. You wouldn't have to worry about the weather affecting them." - Williamsport

"Thank you, Florence Vincent, for the wonderful letter on the Opinion page in Sunday's paper. You said it so well, and all about Christmas and what it's really about, and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year." - Hagerstown

"That Hagerstown caller who claims Palin's book is hogwash because neither Democrats or Republicans are reading it should check out the AP best-seller list in Sunday's paper. It's No. 1." - Frederick, Md.

"I'm a disgruntled city taxpayer, and my main complaint is this. I thought this city had a noise ordinance, but I must be mistaken. Early in the morning and late at night, loud stereos in the cars, continually, of course - but what gets me is cars without mufflers, or mufflers that don't belong on those cars. I'll call them coffee can mufflers." - Hagerstown


"We see all of these movie stars and rock stars and athletes being invited to the White House. Why don't we have some ordinary people invited to the White House for a party? They're the ones that keep this country going, not those other folks. Anyway, I would like to see some ordinary people invited to the White House." - Washington County

"The town of Williamsport has curbside recycling. Kudos to them. Now what's wrong with the town of Boonsboro? That's a failure of local government." - Williamsport

"Kudos to your paper and to the Hagerstown boy, Christian Staley, who helped the 6-year-old boy who got off at the wrong bus stop, by taking him to the Bester Elementary School. The alarming thing is that it's a bus stop. It was a school bus driver allowing the kid to get off at the wrong stop. That should not be able to be, to happen. Maybe they should come up with armbands for the different bus stops or something for the younger kids to wear." - Hagerstown

"I think it's terrible that The Herald-Mail only put one article about Dec. 7, on page A6. Doesn't anybody remember?" - Maugansville

"Thank God for the American population that starts treating our young men and women who served - in, whether it was Desert Storm, Iraq or Afghanistan - like heroes. They didn't volunteer to go over there. The American government sent them there. I know when I come back from Vietnam in 1967, the only good part about it is I was 21 and could finally have a beer. But at least our population's wised up and treat them like heroes." - Williamsport

"Tell Obama the reason why unemployment dropped from 10.2 to 10 point, any little kid could figure that one out. It's Christmas hiring. Reason why the unemployment dropped ... because unemployment ran out and people getting tired of hunting jobs which ain't there." - South Pointe

"This is for the people who are responding to the situation in Chambersburg. Before you make your comments about the 'atheists' being the cause of the Nativity scene being removed, you need to get your stories straight. The city council is the one who made the decision because they didn't want the atheists to put out a small display that supported their beliefs. Thought this was a country based on freedom. So, if you ... wouldn't like to look at their display, you don't have to." - Funkstown

"I attempted to read the Senate health care bill. The portions I looked at made no sense, so I gave up and contacted Sen. Mikulski. I thought it would be a good idea for her to hold town hall meetings and explain the bill to the voters. After all, she did vote for it and thus should have read it and understood it. No word from her yet. Maybe she is still trying to read it." - Rohrersville

"The Christmas decorations in downtown Hagerstown are beautiful. But I believe those gorgeous butterflies should be put in storage until next spring and not left out in the weather over the winter." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to know what the BOE's gonna do about the serious assaults on our high schools, except probably just get a raise, and then I also see here in the morning's paper where the little boy that was lost for so long - I don't know what that little child went through, but it's so good, it's so nice for the boy that found him, and come in contact with him and saved him, and he should get a reward from the BOE." - Boonsboro

"I'd like to know when somebody from the state or county or whoever is going to clean up these exits up here around Hancock. The one here coming out of Hancock behind Sheetz is full of bottles, all kinds of bottles, and everywhere you look there's beer bottles. People need to stop throwing this junk out. I'd appreciate it'd be cleaned up." - Hancock

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