Needmore, Pa., man charged in death of 2-year-old girl

December 09, 2009|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. -- A Fulton County, Pa., man has been charged with causing the death of a 2-year-old girl by grabbing and shaking her and dropping her in a bathtub, a criminal complaint says.

Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release that Shane Douglas Pittman, 31, of 3026 Gem Bride Road, Needmore, Pa., was taking care of Kylie Marie York on Dec. 2 at a house trailer along Black Foot Drive in McConnellsburg.

Pittman was charged with criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of a child.

An affidavit of probable cause says the child was the daughter of Shannon Wood, who was Pittman's girlfriend. On the morning of Dec. 2, as she went to work, Wood left Kylie with Pittman, the affidavit of probable cause says.

Pittman told police that Kylie spit up on her pajamas while he was in charge of her, so he grabbed her by the arms and ran her to the bathroom, causing her head and neck to snap back and forth about 10 times along the way, according to the affidavit.


He said he dropped Kylie about 2 feet into the dry tub and she fell on her buttocks and back, the affidavit says.

Kylie struggled as Pittman tried to bathe her, he told police, and her head, arms, shoulders and legs banged against the tub.

Pittman told police that he bathed Kylie, cleaned her pajamas and wrapped a towel around her as she was either shivering or convulsing.

After he dressed her, he laid her on the couch and she fell asleep, the affidavit says. Kylie was not responsive when her mother came home from work in the afternoon.

Police said in a news release that the child suffered blunt force trauma to the head and a hemorrhaging "whiplash" injury to her upper neck.

She was taken to Fulton County Medical Center the same day, then transferred to Hershey Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on Dec. 5.

A forensic pathologist determined that Kylie had a severe hemorrhage at the base of her neck, a whiplash injury to her upper spine and neck, and blunt force trauma on her brain, the affidavit says.

Police said Pittman was taken into custody on Dec. 4 for alleged parole violations and was being held in a prison in Huntingdon, Pa.

Fulton County Coroner Darryl Heckman and Fulton County Services for Children caseworkers assisted in the investigation, police said.

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