Letters to the Editor

December 08, 2009

Millers want to spread a little 'sonshine'

To the editor:

As residents of Washington County, my wife and I want to share a little sunshine during these winter months. 

A few weeks ago, The Herald-Mail graciously afforded us the privilege of sharing our ministry, Churches In Missions. This coverage boosted an interest in our ministry and recruited prayer partners. We want to share a word of thanks to The Herald-Mail, and to the people and Bible-believing churches in and around Washington County who partner with us missionaries. 

I'm typing this letter from Central Brazil, an area called "Campina Grande." We're here ministering in three pastors conferences that provide resources, encouragement, marriage enrichment and Biblical teaching to pastors and their wives. Approximately 35 to 50 pastors attend each conference with their wives, free of charge. Those who partner with us contribute to the expenses of these much needed times of refreshing and enrichment. We wish you could be here to see how your prayers and generosity are being utilized.


A special thank you to the people and churches in and around Washington County who are a part of what is happening this week in three locations in South America. Thank you for helping us as we minister in North America as well. We simply could not do this without the Lord using you to assist us. We just wanted to send a thank you that would spread a little "sonshine" around the area and encourage acts of benevolence to nonprofit organizations that are making a difference.


John and Melissa Miller
Missionaries with Churches In Missions    

Democrats never fail to amaze us

To the editor:

After much hype, President Obama finally made his "decision" on how he will deal with Afghanistan. What the president did was come as close to voting "present" as he could. His speech was four months and 10,000 troops short.

Also, Obama blamed former President George W. Bush as often as he could, and while telling the world when the troops would be sent, Obama also told the terrorists when they would leave. The troops will leave right before Obama runs for re-election. I am sure this is just a coincidence.

Candidate Obama ran for office, saying Afghanistan was the right war and how the U.S. had to win, yet President Obama never used the word victory in his speech. The president sends 30,000 troops not to win, but to withdraw 18 months later. Why are they being put in harm's way in the first place?

Meanwhile, the left are going after President Obama for his actions on Afghanistan. While telling America how Afghanistan was the real war on terror, the liberals are showing their true colors in their opposition to sending any troops to win the war.

The left is showing more and more disappointment in Obama. I am sure after 11 months in office the left would have thought things would be very different from where they are now. Many liberals would have expected the U.S. to have cut and run from both Afghanistan and Iraq by now. Guantanamo Bay prison would have been shut down and closed up. Former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Cheney would be on trial for war crimes. CIA employees would be in a jail cell for violating the terrorists' rights.

It is clear Obama is having problems with conservatives on his insane domestic policy -- and now the left is turning on him over his foreign policy

The most laughable statements come from congressional Democrats. Now, after 11 months of record deficit spending, Dems are worried about the cost of the war. Their answer -- surprise, surprise -- a war tax on the "rich." Either pass yet another tax increase or cut and run from the battle -- that is what Dems will tell us.

As usual, the troops were insulted by the left. Chris Matthews, one of Obama's most rabid supporters, said the president was giving his speech in the enemy camp. I was not surprised he would say that about members of the U.S. military.

I can see why Matthews would see them as the enemy. They want to win the war, kill our enemies, keep America the No. 1 super power, and those are thing liberals like Matthews are opposed to.

Meanwhile, the four-year-long performance of amateur night at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. continues to drag on.


Terry Weddle
Fayetteville, Pa.

Current health care reform proposals flawed

To the editor:

The current proposals for reform of the way in which we redistribute the costs of health care is fatally flawed. It cannot achieve its primary objective of containing, much less reducing, the aggregate cost of health care. Any proposal that increases the flow of money through insurance companies and government-sponsored programs can only have the effect of increasing the aggregate cost of health care.

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