Martinsburg couple wins dream wedding

December 04, 2009|By CRYSTAL SCHELLE

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- Dena Morgan, 38, had said her engagement to Todd Glover, 37, was "30 years in the making."

After he popped the question in February 2008, they thought the next 30 years would be spent married. But after several economic blows during that same year, they decided they would have to put off walking down the aisle to until 2010.

But thanks to winning the Dream Wedding Giveaway, sponsored by Historic Jordan Springs Event & Cultural Centre in Stephenson, Va., the couple didn't have to put off getting married any longer.

Morgan and Glover were married Sunday, Oct. 11, at the estate of Historic Jordan Springs, with a long list of items - from gowns to tuxedoes to flowers to a carriage ride - decided by visitors browsing the Internet.


"We had people we didn't know who were voting for us," Glover said.

Their story

The Martinsburg couple met as children while attending Sunday school at Trinity United Methodist Church in Martinsburg.

"His sister and I were really good friends - we still are," Morgan said in an interview in April during the beginning of the competition. "We hung out and had the same classes. He was always the baby brother."

Glover laughed in agreement. "I was always picking on them."

But by the time the pair reached high school, Glover said his feelings for Morgan had changed. "I had a crush on her, but I was too afraid to ask her out," he said.

A high school romance wasn't meant to be. Morgan moved away. Eventually, they each married other people and then later divorced. And Glover became a father of two - Broc, now 10, and Breigh-Anne, 7.

Then, in 2006, Morgan, now a geotechnical engineer, moved back to the area.

"I found out from my sister that she was living on the same street," Glover said.

Soon after, he went to a local high school football game with his dad and brother. He spotted Morgan's sister, then he saw Morgan. The two started chatting and hanging out.

They both said they were a little reluctant to get back into a relationship.

"I have two kids and I told my kids and myself that I wouldn't introduce them (to a woman) until I thought I found the one," he said.

Turned out that he had.

Glover, a full-time member of the 167th W.Va. Air National Guard who's also working toward a degree in computer networking, asked Morgan to marry him on Feb. 2, 2008.

She said yes, but their wedding plans had to be put on hold. Morgan was laid off. Glover's house has been on the market for more than four years. They decided they wanted the wedding, but not the debt. They decided to save.

The competition

Morgan found out about Dream Wedding Giveaway during a bridal show at Historic Jordan Springs. She decided to enter a video of the two of them.

Morgan and Glover were one of four couples who made it to the final round of voting, which began in early spring 2009. Couples competed in a series of challenges, including a version of "The Newlywed Show," and asked friends and family to vote for them online.

Morgan and Glover credit Glover's sister-in-law, Carly Glover, with helping them with their social networking and with reminding friends and family to go to the Web site to vote.

"She had my password for my Facebook account and set up a fan page," Glover said. "She really kept reminding everyone to vote."

Her hard work even helped old friends reconnect with the couple and also gain more online votes. The couple were notified on May 21 during an event at Historic Jordan Springs that they had won.

"People really rallied behind us," Glover said.

The details

Although for some couples it could be unnerving not knowing anything about their wedding, they said they liked not having to worry about the big stuff.

It was the little stuff that caused the bride and groom pause.

"It was only stressful because we only knew what was voted on," Morgan said. "But we didn't know if they had any of the small details like the flower girl baskets. And, because we didn't know what colors were chosen, we weren't sure what colors to dress our moms in. We didn't want anyone to clash in the pictures."

Going with more neutral tones for the moms helped the photos, she said.

Morgan said she didn't even get a sneak peek at the tuxedoes or bridesmaid gowns for the six groomsmen and six bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids were dressed in silver, Morgan said the coloring looked great on all the girls. The flowers chosen were brightly colored pink, orange and red gerbera daisies.

They said it was hard to limit their guest list to 100 guests, which included the couple, because there were so many people they wanted to invite to thank them.

To do that, they said they held a cookout at Glover's parents' home for close family and friends.

The big day

For their October wedding day, weather was the one thing they didn't have to worry about.

"It was a beautiful day, very sunny, very warm," Glover said. "... it was a gorgeous day."

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