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December 04, 2009

Help is always welcome for Christmas dinner

To the editor:

This is my 18th year as chairwoman of The Salvation Army Christmas dinner in Franklin County, Pa., and in all that time I have gotten the chance to see a lot of elderly people who have little and receive even less during a time when we are all getting and giving presents. I am hoping there are others who are as concerned as I am about their plight.

We not only serve dinner to those who come to the doors on Christmas Day, but we deliver to those who would not otherwise get either a Christmas dinner or a present.

We think of Christmas as a time for children and rightly so, but we can't forget those who are so easily forgotten during this time of year. So once again, I am appealing to the community for help to serve those forgotten people.


Anyone who would like to donate a present, food for the dinner or just their time during the preparing and serving of the Christmas dinner can contact me at 717-263-2151 or 717-360-2407.

Last year, we served close to 600 people, so we really do need a lot of help, especially with presents and food, as I hate to use so much of the Salvation Army's food since they have an increased client list.

I remember last year when some of our delivery people came back to say how our recipients were all dressed up in their Christmas best, one had a teddy bear we had given the year before sitting with her on her sofa, another said this was the only Christmas present she'd had that year. It brings tears to my eyes when I realize how alone they really are.

Please help us make sure this Christmas is a special one for all.

If you need a Christmas dinner, we deliver anywhere in Franklin County and the south end of Shippensburg, Pa. We truly do not want anyone to go without this Christmas, so please do not hesitate to call me. You do not have to be elderly to get a meal, if you need help and a meal, we will be there for you!

Lynne C. Newman
Chambersburg, Pa.
The Salvation Army Christmas dinner

Interfaith community service was 'wonderful'

To the editor:

I joined Christ's Reformed Church UCC on Franklin Street in Hagerstown eight years ago. A primary reason for choosing this church was the Rev. Don Stevenson. This humble man of God (yes, Don, you are truly a man of God) led me weekly in spiritual growth with his heartfelt sermons.

Furthermore, I was impressed with his commitment to the Interfaith Coalition. Stevenson worked hard to create an atmosphere of peace and understanding among all people of faith. The yearly interfaith community services have always been services of respect, diversity, love and truly uplifting experiences.

I am deeply saddened to learn that Christ's Reformed Church will no longer be host to any of these wonderful cultural events.

Audrey M. Bussard

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