Mail Call

December 04, 2009

"To the person that responded about hitting my dog on Sharpsburg Pike: First of all, it was not 4 a.m., it was 5:30 p.m., and my dog was on a dog cord and broke free while my husband was out cutting wood, but the person would have known that if they would have stopped. When she was hit, my husband was in the process of trying to get her. ... I wouldn't expect someone to wake me up at 4 a.m. to tell me, but my husband was right there and it was 5:30 p.m. No excuses." - Boonsboro

"I give to charity because I can and want to help. I was just thinking, if business paid better wages and government stopped jobs from leaving this country, less charity would be needed and more people could pay their own way. You can bet many of the laid-off people will not have jobs to go back to because the jobs will be sent overseas. It's time Washington steps up and turns it around, but don't hold your breath." - Waynesboro, Pa.


"Do you feel left out when the president holds a big state dinner and you aren't on the invitation list? I guess the couple from Virginia did. We are not left out when it comes to paying the bill, so why aren't we all able to obtain a seat? I was hoping this president would stop the excessive spending in Washington and be a people's president, but I guess that was too much to hope for - business as usual." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I am reminded of our veterinarian's comment that a small dog like our cocker spaniel can get all the exercise she needs just running around the house barking at the postman. Similarly, small minds can get all the exercise they need, just running around Mail Call or the letters column, barking at something that offends them." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Regarding stopping after hitting a dog or cat: The Maryland Driver's Handbook, page 16, states, 'The law requires you to immediately notify the police department having jurisdiction in the area where the crash occurred. The police will contact the proper agency to obtain medical care for the animal.' It is not recommended that you stop and locate the owner." - Beaver Creek

"I am a disgruntled taxpayer, for sure. Our county commissioner Mr. Barr goes to China, shakes hands. ... Did he even take into consideration the human rights violations that that country is guilty of? We can't even straighten out our own racial differences in this county, and this man takes it upon himself to go over and visit with China and strike up a friendship? Give me a break." - Hagerstown

"To the Hagerstown Mail Caller who said that whoever said Palin's book was hogwash and you didn't have a chance to read it: Well, it must be hogwash, because the book is already marked down to $4.99. So not only aren't Democrats reading it, Republicans aren't reading it either, or they're just not interested." - Hagerstown

"I have to agree with the lady who was at the town hall meetings with Arlen Specter the other day. She told him in no uncertain terms, she was tired of our president putting us so far in debt we'll never get out, she was tired of him running around the world apologizing for us, she was tired of him going to basketball games, instead of staying home taking care of business, and she did not ... and she doesn't want it." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Where's these county people that we pay to go around here and inspect these jobs and roads and stuff like that? How come these people are allowed to drag mud off these construction sites all over the highway? And where they're building houses, they just drag mud out all over the road, and then if you got a decent car, you get it all over your car. This shouldn't even be allowed." - Sharpsburg

"In regards to the racetrack being the best deal: There's always a better deal down the road, and this little pittance that the state is throwing at us is not the best deal for the residents of Jefferson County. Vote no for the racetrack." - Charles Town, W.Va.

"This is on what I saw in the paper, a trip to China. I'd like to suggest that Mr. Barr, the president of the Washington County Commissioners, he ought to stay in Washington County and take care of the people in Washington County, instead of worrying about going to China, because my taxes are way too high." - Hagerstown

"Thank you, George Bush and Dick Cheney, for passing along an economic and diplomatic catastrophe to President Obama. A bipartisan effort by Congress is essential in getting my country back to its former rank as a respected and responsible global leader. Thank you for this time, and everybody have a beautiful day." - Washington County

"Can anyone remember which County Commissioners voted for two things, $4 million for the building in the middle of Hagerstown, and the stimulus for builders? I can't remember, but I want to be sure not to vote for them again." - Hancock

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