Mail Call

December 01, 2009

"I'm calling in reference to the nativity scene being removed from the Chambersburg center square fountain area, by the Pennsylvania Nonbelievers Inc. of York, Pa. I think they ought to take the whole bunch, ship them over to Afghanistan and have them spend a few days in a foxhole, and we'll see if they continue to be the 'Nonbelievers Inc.' There aren't any atheists in foxholes."

- Williamsport

"The people of Chambersburg should place the nativity scene at the fountain. The property belongs to the people of Chambersburg, not the council. Where's their rights? Majority should rule."

- Charles Town, W.Va.

"I have one word for the Chambersburg Borough Council: Wimps. To give in that easily and take that nativity scene out just because you have a couple of people griping about it is ridiculous. That's what's wrong with this country. The majority should rule. If they don't want to look at the nativity scene, close their eyes. Chambersburg Borough Council, wimps."


- Chewsville

"I'll tell you what's the problem with the Christmas decorations going up before Thanksgiving. How about just doing one holiday at a time? Really. I know it costs people a lot of money, but just do one holiday at a time. We should be thankful for what we have in this world."

- Smithsburg

"All bids on the state police barrack come in well under budget. Do we award the lowest responsible bidder the project and celebrate the savings? No, we withdraw and decide to redesign the project, so as to spend all available budget money. This is a disgrace."

- Hagerstown

"To the guy that's complaining about background checks: It's all about choices, making the right choice, and you're talking about making another wrong choice because things don't go your way. You have to be accountable for your bad choices."

- Hagerstown

"My comment is on the front-page story by Kate Alexander, the 'Borough removes nativity scene,' Chambersburg Borough. I was very upset with the first idea that it was being removed, but I understand it's going on private property, and I understand there's new rules for the center square, only flowers and flags."

- Lemasters, Pa.

"I noticed that the County Commissioners president is gonna run for re-election. If you want some more of the same - county budget growing every year, county debt growing every year - go ahead and vote for him. Otherwise, find somebody that is conservative."

- Washington County

"Come on, people, let's get this straight. It's 'Merry Christmas.' Merry Christmas. It's not 'Happy Holidays.' How come you don't say 'Happy Holidays' on the Fourth of July or Labor Day? And another thing, I think it's terrible that they're taking down that nativity scene in Chambersburg square. Next they'll be wanting to outlaw Christmas trees. ... This is America, people."

- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the headline in the Wednesday, Nov. 25 paper, saying the borough removes the nativity scene in Chambersburg. What a shame that the council has voted against having that nativity scene there, when that's the whole purpose and life of Christ. And if atheists don't want to look at it or would like to put up their display, they should have that right."

- Clear Spring

"Today's paper, Nov. 25, Wednesday, once again, the sports page is buried in section C, seven through nine. Please forward this objection to the editor of the paper in the sports section. And you could print it in the paper also, to see if you get any other input from other readers."

- Hagerstown

"I was calling in response to the Hagerstown caller saying that the sniper should not have been executed, but spend the rest of his life in prison. That's wrong. There's too many bleeding hearts in this country. Capital punishment is great. They should not have death row, but call it 'death week.' You kill somebody like he did, you deserve to die."

- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I agree that the hospital should be turned into a VA hospital, even if it costs us taxpayers money. We pay taxes for the inmates. Why not give some money to take care of the veterans who gave their lives to protect and serve us?"

- Hagerstown

"I was reading in Mail Call where they were hoping they'd use the Washington County Hospital to make a veterans hospital. Really, I think they ought to look in the way background of the Washington County Hospital, when it was during the Civil War. Really, it should be a historical site, and you all should not even tear it down or anything. ... We want to save our historical parts. Hagerstown has a lot of things that are historical that people really don't know about. But the Washington County Hospital and Maryland has a lot of historical."

- Keedysville

"I'd like to know why the Pennsylvania Nonbelievers Inc. of York decided to plant their memorial once the nativity scene was put up in the Chambersburg square, instead of doing it on Veterans Day. I would love to hear their explanation of that."

- Shepherdstown, W.Va.

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