Letters to the Editor

November 25, 2009

Reader's letter should ring true to most voters

To the editor:

If you are concerned with the actions of our elected political leaders please read "Health care bill is a problem of cause and effect" by Raymond Bielicki on The Herald-Mail Opinion page on Nov. 13 (letter to the editor, page A4). This letter is a brief, concise statement that should ring true to most rational voters.

I would only add that our leaders' actions are not misguided, but are only directed to enhance the pursuit of personal and party wealth and power.

In a more perfect world, this letter would serve as a rallying point for all citizens that remember our government must be of the people, by the people and for the people.


Thank you, Mr. Bielicki.

William R. Reel

Veterans Day ceremonies were outstanding

To the editor:

What wonderful young people.

We had the privilege of attending the Veterans Day ceremony held by the Boonsboro American Legion and the high school. It was wonderful. The chorus sang, the band played - both beautifully - and the guest speaker was fantastic. The Legion and school did a terrific job. The students who attended were respectful and appreciative of the veterans and the talents displayed. I was very impressed - what a group. Their parents and teachers can be proud. A couple of young ladies even thanked us for being there and asked if we had enjoyed it. This really made me feel proud as this is the high school where our family all graduated.

The next week, we attended the ceremony at Sharpsburg led by our own American Legion family. Another great and well-deserved tribute to our military. We had more than 20 veterans recognized and given a small flag. We were again entertained by young people. Unfortunately, some younger visitors couldn't be there because of unfavorable weather.

It was cold, damp and rainy as we all stood there. I thought about our veterans and our current military who must suffer through this without the option of going home to a warm house and meal as we did. God bless them all.

As we stuff ourselves (I mean the turkey), let's give thanks also for the "future of America." I feel better now knowing it is in good hands with these up-and-coming young adults. Keep up the good work. We're proud of you.

Darlene Hoffman

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