Web site can aid in early retirement planning

November 25, 2009|By BOB POOR

Q: My husband and I are looking forward to early retirement at age 55. We have been told that there is a Web site dedicated to early retirement strategies authored by a successful early retiree. So far, we have not had any luck coming up with it. Any ideas?

A: You might be referring to John Greaney, P.E., who offers a site called "The Retire Early Home Page - the online magazine for people who used to work for a living." In his words, "Retire Early shows you how to look out for your interests and make sure nobody yanks the yoke right out of your retirement nest egg."

The site offers a variety of early retirement-related topics, starting with a Discussion Board Forum Index. This gives you access to the online discussions of users sharing such topics as "Early Retirement Activities," "Managing Your Investments During Retirement," "Saving and Investing Prior to Retirement" and "IRA/401(k) Early Withdrawals-72t Exception."


A variety of interesting topics follow - just pick and choose what appeals to your curiosity.

There is a "Retire Early Book Shelf," which is a list of some of the best books on retirement.

New November articles deal with topics such as "How Much Can You Safely Withdraw from Your Retirement Portfolio?" Survey results are reviewed in "Is There a 'Retire Early' Personality Type?" Another article is titled "Can I Withdraw Money from My IRA Before Age 59 1/2?"

You also can download free software to access financial planning programs.

Continuing on the Web site, you will find earlier published articles on a variety of topics, including:

o Top Ten Reasons to Retire Early - Is yours on the list?

o Health Insurance and Early Retirement - A few resources to help you navigate the swamp.

o Social Security and Early Retirement - How will it affect my Social Security benefits?

o Fees, Commissions and Financial Advisors - How should you choose a financial adviser?

o IRA Toolkit - Includes the popular Javascript IRA withdrawal calculator.

o Early Retirement Plan Failures - Studying some of the mistakes people make can sharpen your own retirement plan.

So if you are of a mind to plan an early retirement, there are a number of retirement Web sites available for you to explore.

The "Retire Early" home page reviewed in this column has some unique features that you might find useful in your planning. Don't overlook the resources of your local library as well as your own financial adviser.

And a happy retirement wish to you.

Hagerstown resident Robert A. "Bob" Poor is a member of the Society of Senior Advisers and provides senior professional services for reverse mortgages and personal insurance. He also is a member of the Senior Referral Center of Hagerstown. Questions are welcomed at or by mail c/o The Herald-Mail, P.O. Box 439, Hagerstown, MD 21741, ATTN: Robert A. Poor column.

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