Around Funkstown

November 24, 2009|By SUSIE HOFFMAN / 301-790-2413

Good morning, friends. 

And a glorious morning it is. 

I would be remiss not to spend my time with you this morning sharing my gratitude. 

It is, after all, the week of Thanksgiving and all of the goodness that comes with the holiday. 

Yes, there is the most obvious turkey and trimmings ... pies and side dishes ... friends and family coming together; those are things for which I am thankful.

But is it not the purpose to share our gratitude for the less obvious? 

Coming together around a table filled to the point of almost decadence ... this is when we should stop and contemplate those everyday niceties that we assume are ours for the taking. 


We are blessed. Let me make myself abundantly clear ... we are blessed. From the moment we awaken in our comfy warm bed and make our morning coffee to the moment we rest our tired bodies at night. Through every minute, and indeed, second, we are blessed. 

We have the option to dress as we please. We have jobs to go to, we have mortgages to pay, we have food to prepare, and people to love. 

We have churches in which to worship and religions to embrace. 

We have freedom to enjoy a terror-free life. 

All these little things that we do in the course of our day ... these are things for which we should be grateful. Family yes, those loved ones, that we can count on to be there and laugh with and cry with and grow old with. 

Friends that listen when we need them to and bring smiles to us in so many ways. 

Colleagues that lighten our work load, for them I am grateful. 

Saintliness that teeters as our days get hectic and tranquility that hems boredom when we find it. For these I am grateful. 

One of my favorite books as a child was "Pollyanna," by Eleanor Porter. Please, tell me you have read it. This child takes all the aggravations and setbacks and turns them into opportunities or blessings in disguise. Learn from her. Yes, I know times are tough. I know money is tight. But you have time ... use it wisely. Money might be tight, but thank God in the heavens above that you have what you do. 

So your turkey is smaller, but the love around the table has no limits. 

I am grateful. 

I am thankful for you, my friends, for my home, for my purpose, for my opportunities, for my setbacks from which to learn and my shortcomings from which I must grow. 

Everyday we have the ability to find our happiness. 

I have found mine ... right here in this small town with my family and my life.  Outside influences might swirl around me storming and raging, but when I close the door, the faces of those I love the most are there. There to laugh and love ... there to support and be supported.

So this Thursday when you sit around the table or make that call to loved ones far away, stop and remind them of your gratitude for them and the life that they have helped to create for you. Stop and be thankful for the men and women in the service who are not with their families on this day so that you can be with yours.

Remember those who can't be at home on Thursday because life doesn't stop in hospitals and other much needed care facilities. 

May your day be filled with much love. May you take today's moments and create tomorrow's memories. May your heart overflow with appreciation for the mundane things that you are blessed with. May you never take for granted people. 

Find your spirit of giving and watch how your life is enriched. 

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