Mail Call

November 21, 2009

"Just when you think we've reached the epitome of stupid decisions, we read an article in The Herald-Mail that inmates, guards and office personnel will be given the H1N1 serum. Well, guess what, people? Only the guards and office personnel should be included. There are too many children and high-risk adults who deserve and desperately need the shots. Let the inmates come after that."

- Clear Spring

"Something needs to be done on the area between Funkstown and the Martin's grocery store at the Hagerstown Commons. I've had two different people in this week tell me they almost hit somebody in the evening hours because there's nowhere for these people to walk except on the road. There's not a sidewalk, there's not even a gravel path for them. And with the economy the way it is, a lot of people don't have automobiles, so they walk from there to the Hagerstown store."


- Hagerstown

"I have no objection to the name of the Washington Redskins, if one of the other NFL teams would change their name to the Palefaces."

- Hagerstown

"Regarding Tim Rowland's comments in the Tuesday paper regarding perky, pointy bras, I grew up in the '50s, high school class of '56. ... Oh, it was the ultimate. Tim's really nuts to oppose that."

- Hagerstown

"Williamsport caller, I'm one of the tired you claim you want to help. I'm tired of paying high taxes so vote-blind politicians can spend like there's no tomorrow and just support irresponsible people. I'm very tired of my country going trillions in debt for useless, so-called stimulus pork barrel spending and bailouts of greedy and incompetent banks and corporations. ... You want to help me, caller? Get your high taxes and your nanny state out of my life."

- Frederick, Md.

"I'm calling about the guy that said - or the guy or woman that said something about the inmates getting the flu shots. I think it is fair. ... Inmates are people, too."

- Hagerstown

"A government study says that women should get mammograms starting at 50 years old, and then every other year after. I personally know a girl that died of breast cancer at 33. How many women have been saved by early detection? This sounds like rationing. How far away are the death panels?"

- Hancock

"I'd just like to say whoever the heartless person was who hit a dog on Sharpsburg Pike tonight, which this is Tuesday, and didn't stop, I just wanted to let you know the dog had to be put down. Thank you a lot. I have two little grandkids that's crying their hearts out because their dog is gone. ... You could have at least stopped."

- Brownsville

"Big celebration this week, building the four-lane Route 9 to the top of the Blue Ridge Mountain. Then, it goes into two lanes in the state of Virginia. Where are they gonna finish Route 340, four miles to the Virginia lane? This highway is heavily traveled every day."

- Charles Town, W.Va.

"This is for the Hancock caller calling about reasonable caps on medical malpractice lawsuits. There already are statutory caps in place in Maryland. It's funny how people change their tune when it's themselves or a loved one affected by a malpractice situation. Don't judge."

- Hagerstown

"How sad, a 40-year business being reprimanded for GM's debacle. GM executives took inflated pay packages. ... Brewer Saab was a Saab dealer, well-respected, with excellent service, long before GM meddled. Where are the massive dollars that GM took from us taxpayers? Let Brewer Saab do what it does, what the large customer base knows they do well."

- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Impeach Obama? For what, allowing terrorists to attack us on our own soil because he was in Texas clearing brush? No, wait, that was Bush. For thrusting this country into a false war based on lies and a rabid political agenda? Nah, that was Bush, too. For violating international law by torturing detainees and setting up secret prisons around the world? Hmm, also Bush."

- Greencastle, Pa.

"For people who shop in jewelry stores. 1: Don't come in on your cell phone. 2: Don't lick your rings to get them off. 3: Don't come in right at closing and take your time, and most important, 4: We work on commission. If someone helped you or gave you a card, speak up. Don't waste our time, then buy from someone else."

- Hagerstown

"This is to all you people out there that think the old hospital building should be turned over to the veterans or elderly. I think you forget - the building is owned by the same group that runs the hospital. It is not owned by city, county, state or federal governments. Are you willing to raise the money that it would cost to buy the building?"

- Kearneysville, W.Va.

"I just want to say I'm sickened every time I turn on the TV and a defenseless child is killed. You can't trust anyone anymore. Every Friday that I take my children to school on my day off from work, I see so many kids, young kids at that, walking to school by themselves. ... We need to keep our kids safe, and if that means rearranging your life and your job schedule to make sure your child is protected, then that is what you need to do."

- Hagerstown

"David Limbaugh is quick to jump on the Obama administration for continuing to support failed policies. Remember, those failed policies were invented by Republicans."

- Chambersburg, Pa.

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