Letters to the Editor

November 20, 2009

This could be biggest presidential blunder

To the editor:

So, you are still happy with the "Hope and Change" thing President Obama has brought to our country? You have given him a pass on the trillion dollars of spending that gave us an all time record deficit last month. You have given him a pass on his indecision on the war in Afghanistan. You are OK with the government running GM, the banks, and soon, the entire health care system. You are OK with him forcing government-run health care down our throats, while ignoring the fact that unemployment has topped 10 percent.

Let's move past all those signs that President Obama is totally out of his league as president. Let's look at his latest blunder - deciding to give the 9/11 mastermind a trial in New York. This will most likely go down in history as the biggest blunder of an American president. Consider the following:


1. The Geneva Convention rules don't really apply to him as he was not wearing a uniform indicating that he was an enemy at war with us.

2. The government has already spent a fortune setting up courtrooms in Guantanamo Bay, ideal for holding trials for terrorists.

3. New York City will have to spend millions on security to move this man to and from the courthouse every day.

4. Jurors, the judge and the entire city will be targets of terrorists if they rule to convict him.

5. This trial will most likely end up being a circus like the O.J. Simpson trial, causing all the families of victims having to relive the horror of 9/11 all over again.

6. A liberal judge could allow this terrorist's lawyers to reveal many of the government's classified information.

7. A liberal judge could also throw the entire case out on some small technicality.

Mark my words: One year from now, this trial will still be a huge drama playing out in the media and costing the U.S. millions that it doesn't already have. All of this just to show the rest of the world that we are fair to terrorists. I think the killings at Fort Hood last week clearly show what happens when we go overboard to be fair to Muslim terrorists. This man was allowed to stay in the military despite dozens of warning signs that he was a radical Muslim. Political correctness continues to hamper our ability to fight terrorism.

Bill Stryker Jr.
Waynesboro, Pa.

Be extra careful when burning candles

To the editor:

Last week, I left a candle in a glass holder on a tray burning while I went in another room to straighten up. The smoke alarm went off (thank goodness) and the candle, which I assumed was safe, had erupted in flames.

Luckily, I was able to put it out by throwing wet towels at it. However, there was a good deal of smoke damage. Many thanks to the Hagerstown Fire Department, which helped ventilate my home. I have always thought of myself as being safety conscious, but I have learned from the insurance claims department that these fires from a glass candle are fairly common. Please be extra careful and maybe think twice before you consider burning a candle.

Barbara Fischer

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