Mail Call

November 20, 2009

"Blue Band director Mr. Robert Stike demonstrates qualities of a teacher/mentor that all parents could wish for their child. Mr. Stike helped the Blue Band members bring back the Blue Band pride. I would like to thank him for spending his time and talents with our children, and I pray the Board of Education understands how valuable the music program is to students. These students do well with their academics, and it helps bring them a camaraderie that most other studies do not provide." - Boonsboro

"I agree with the caller that called in about Michael Jackson's movie, 'This Is It.' Whether you like him or you didn't, he was a phenomenal performer, and I feel sad that his life ended the way it was. He was a talent that we'll probably never see again, never have someone with such talent, and I think he was a sad soul, and I feel sad. I've saw it twice, and I highly recommend it." - Hagerstown


"I'd like to know when the sheriff is gonna come out here, or the state police, on Orchard Hills Parkway, and sit here and make their quota - in probably about two hours - for the people that fly down this road, go through a stop sign, anywhere from 35 to 50 mph. It is ridiculous. The state of Maryland should have taken down ... back on Oct. 20 when they were supposed to. Please help. And people, stop speeding down this road." - Hagerstown

"I look forward to Tuesday's Farm local section of The Herald-Mail, especially the articles written by Jeff Semler. He always provides thoughtful and thought-provoking information. You can tell he's passionate about his work, and the importance to communicate to the public. Well done, and keep up the good work, Jeff." - Hagerstown

"How can these right-winger talk show hosts, Republicans, tell people propaganda that the Bush and Cheney administration kept this country safe for seven or eight years? He sent troops over to a foreign country that we did not belong in and got over 4,000 troops killed, plus thousands upon thousands maimed, injured, and all the civilian people that got killed, women and children. Someday they're gonna have to explain that." - Hagerstown

"Please understand what you read before you respond. I'm the caller that called up about Veterans Day. ... I was explaining about that the kids should get off for Veterans Day, not to have a holiday off, but to remember the veterans that served in the wars. That is an important holiday. ... Veterans Day should be a time off for the children to remember, not like a professional day and all that. Veterans Day is an important holiday where the kids need to be off to remember those who fought in the wars." - Hagerstown

"Herald-Mail, Monday, Nov. 16, 'Officials mull parking deck options.' Don't we have enough parking decks downtown? Why spend another million dollars for something that is not needed, and not even overused with what's still available? Please, our officials, stop thinking of ways to spend money. We're supposed to be conserving, not spending. This is tough times on everybody. Maybe it'll come out of your pocket." - Hagerstown

"Past Hagerstown city resident, now county resident. Say no to The Columbia Bank Hagerstown deal and the Chamber of Commerce for parking places. If you have 1,770 spots already there, where's the need, and show me the need, for 842? Once the hospital leaves, let the hospital donate that parking garage to the city. We don't need anymore new debt. We got in trouble now." - Chewsville

"Everybody complains about Barack Obama, our president, but he's only been in office for 11 months. They're not giving him a chance. Just think what the Bush administration did over the last eight years before him. It's sad. ... What credibility and what experience did Bush have coming in office? None. ... He got our country in war. Look at all the men's lives, men's lives and ladies' lives we've lost, and Obama's supposed to clean it up in a matter of 10, 11 months?" - Hagerstown

"When I was in college several years ago, I was required by the school to buy the health insurance that they offered because I was no longer covered by my parents' insurance policy. Why? Because to the college, a healthy student tended to be a better student. Same thing applies now with health reform. When everyone is covered, either by a private or a government plan, a healthy America is a better America." - Sharpsburg

"I called the City of Hagerstown about my taxes, if I don't pay them this year, and I was told if I didn't pay my taxes by March, they would put my house up for sale, where I had to make payments on it. The city and the county both are spending money like water. Property dropped about 45 to 50 thousand dollars, and the house I live in, it's over 100 years old. So I think they better quit spending money and lower our taxes." - Hagerstown

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