'Twilight' fans give take on 'New Moon' book

Fans weigh in on whether the second "Twilight" movie will live up to the hype

Fans weigh in on whether the second "Twilight" movie will live up to the hype

November 17, 2009|By BRIGITTE GREWE and KACEY KEITH / Pulse correspondents

It's the impossible love story between a human and a vampire that created a wave of fans everywhere.

The Twilight series has captured the attention of millions across the country, and made vampires, werewolves, Forks and Volturi part of our everyday language.

The movies have drawn as much of a fan base and excitement as the books did.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon," will be released in theaters Friday, Nov. 20.

In "New Moon," Bella Swan's (Kristen Stewart) 18th-birthday party becomes a frantic scene as the entire Cullen family runs rampant.

Ties between Bella and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) become stronger when Edward (Robert Pattinson) deserts her in order to protect her from the dangers of the vampire world. In turn, Jacob, who is a werewolf, becomes the strength Bella needs.

Eventually, Bella is torn between Edward and Jacob when Edward returns.

But why has this love story surpassed all the other love stories out there gaining it all its fame? Or has the "Twilight" saga's popularity become a pestering annoyance?


Fans are left divided with their conflicting thoughts on whether they like the whole series and what "Twilight" has become. Some fans are true devotees and others just can't stand the series.


Kiersten Caudo, 15, a sophomore at North Hagerstown High School, is an admitted super fan, or Twihard

"I like 'New Moon' because it draws Bella and Jacob a lot closer," she said. "Plus, with the love triangle between them it makes the book that much more interesting.

And because Jacob and Edward are both supposed to hate each other, Kiersten said it makes the book even better.

According to Stephenie Meyer's series, werewolves and vampires were made to hate each other. Werewolves originally destroyed vampires to keep society safe. They referred to themselves as "the protectors" because they protected humans from vampires. Vampires loathed werewolves because they destroyed vampire families and members of their coven.

Kiersten, of course, hasn't seen the movie yet, but still is a fan on the book, "New Moon."

"I think it was written well," She said. "It also shows how Edward cares enough to leave her, even if it tears him up inside."

Kiersten doesn't take everything seriously that author Stephenie Meyer writes about in "New Moon."

"Yeah, the book's a little corny, but in a way it made the last two books of hers what they are," she said. "Without 'New Moon' there wouldn't be an 'Eclipse,' and the rest of the series wouldn't have been as good."

Kiersten has higher hopes for the movie "New Moon" because "Twilight" wasn't what she expected.

"I think 'New Moon' will be a lot better than 'Twilight' was, because -- let's be honest -- 'Twilight' wasn't all that good," she said.

In the middle

Emily Seiler, 14, a North High sophomore, said she likes the "Twilight" series, but isn't totally addicted.

"Originally I liked it until Edward ran away," Emily said. "Then, it was just really stupid. The whole plot of him running away and coming back .... It's all so predictable and just another stupid love story."

What's more of a turn-off for Emily are the over-enthusiastic "Twilight" fans.

"They're crazy," Emily said. "Really, shirts that say 'I love fangs'? Seriously, they can't find anything else to say?"


For Stephanie Milani, 15, a sophomore at North High, she thought that "New Moon" was a waste of time.

"'New Moon' is one of, if not THE worst book of the whole series," she said. "Bella whines incessantly throughout, Edward is still annoyingly masochistic, controlling and abusive. And Jacob is hated and rejected undeservingly after he put Bella back together after Edward left."

Stephanie knows that "New Moon" has a love triangle, but that's a plot seen before.

"It all depends on how it is written, and 'New Moon' is very poorly written," she said. "It seems Stephanie Meyer only knows a handful of adjectives that she uses constantly. Additionally, if you took out all of her long descriptions about Edward's 'perfection' and 'gorgeousness,' the book would probably be half as short as it is now. The book is an excellent guideline of showing how a relationship shouldn't be."

As for the movie "New Moon," Stephanie thinks if it's anything like Twilight, then "it's going to be bad."

Tink Culp, 15, also a North High sophomore couldn't agree more.

"It's just so stupid. The plot was too simple and the fans are too obsessive," Tink said.

For Peter Lang, 15, a North High sophomore, it's more than just the love story he doesn't care for. It's the integrity of what vampires are that upsets him.

"I've read some of Twilight and I think the whole idea destroys the respect of the modern vampire that was created in other movies such as Count Dracula," he said. "Their original inhumane nature has become degraded into the humane nature in 'Twilight' and 'New Moon.'"

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